Hydro Force Marine Pro Review

​You’re probably looking at this article because you’re into fishing, kayaking, or other recreational water activities, and you want an excellent inflatable boat to get you around.


​This is where our Hydro Force Marine Pro review comes into play. It’s easily one of our favorite inflatable boats on the market.

Inflatable boats are fantastic because they’re far less expensive than traditional boats, they store very easily, and they last for many years because of modern build technology.

Read along as we tackle the ins and outs of the Hydro Force Marine Pro so that you can have more than a basic understanding before making your final purchase.

​ ​The Marine Pro Review

Hydro Force Marine Pro


  • ​3-Ply Reinforced Vinyl Build
  • ​High-Pressure Inflatable Floor
  • ​Sized for 2 Adults and One Child
  • ​594lb. Weight Capacity


  • ​Very durable build
  • ​Inflatable and easy to transport
  • ​Comes with a wide array of accessories
  • ​Tons of room and substantial weight capacity


  • ​No rod holders for fishing
  • ​Can’t handle windy conditions very well

Features and Benefits


​The first thing we must talk about is the durability of this bad boy. Bestway constructed this monster of an inflatable boat with a three-ply reinforced vinyl material. This is some premium marine grade material that can withstand some of the most extreme conditions out there.

Whether you’re worried about long exposure to UV rays, grime and salt build-up, or possible exposure to petroleum products, the material gives you some peace of mind that it won’t wear on you when you’re out on the rough seas. You can even drag this across rocks or pavement when bringing it down to the water without having it all scratched up or punctured.

​Inflatable Parts

​For being an inflatable floor, the floor on the Hydro Force Marine Pro is pretty sturdy. This makes entering and exiting the boat a piece of cake, unlike other inflatable boats. A lot of this has to do with the floor being able to stand high-pressure inflation. The cushions on this thing are also really nice and inflatable as well, meaning you can choose whether or not you want to have them taking up space in the boat. Because the whole boat is inflatable, storage is very easy as well. Most people don’t have a lot of room so it’s pretty great that you can just toss it in the hall closet with the included storage bag when you’re done using it for the season.


​The Hydro Force Marine Pro comes with a wide array of accessories as well. Some of these accessories include the motor mount grommets, safety-grab rope, omni-directional oarlocks, and a pair of 60” aluminum oars. The grommets are excellent for attaching an integrated motor if you ever choose to upgrade your boat. The safety-grab rope can not only help to keep you or your little ones safe in case of a fall but also makes it easier to transport down to the water, especially if the path isn’t so friendly.

We really like the oars that come with the Hydro Force Marin Pro too. Not only do they paddle really well, but they also come with locks that keep them attached to the boat even when you’re not paddling. Lastly, the little storage pouch that is on the side of the boat can be very helpful. It’s big enough to keep your phones, wallets, some snacks, and possibly some bait and fishing accessories if you’re looking to get out for a good catch.


Frequently Asked Questions​

​How do you maintain your Hydro Force Marine Pro?

While this boat is very strong and durable, every inflatable boat out there requires a little bit of love and care. The first thing to do is make sure that you clean the boat. You may not see a lot of the microscopic bacteria that latch onto your boat in the ocean, but if it’s left on their long enough, can result in discoloration and odor. Bigger debris like sand and rocks, if left untouched, can cause abrasion after a while. The best thing you can do is try and wash it after every long use. Simply take the accessories off the boat and spray it down with clean, cold water.

For more maintenance tips, make sure never to leave your Hydro Force Marine Pro in direct sunlight. Though the durable vinyl is built to withstand UV rays, for the most part, it can’t withstand it for long periods of time, especially if you’re in a climate that is very hot and dry.

Any tips on using an inflatable boat?

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when using your Hydro Force Marine Pro:
1. Never over inflate your boat. Make sure to read the manual and inflate the parts in order so that you don’t overdo it with pressure.
2. Changes in temperature can cause changes in pressure. This is why we recommend only inflating your boat once you are at your destination.
3. Never surround your boat with sharp objects that may puncture it. This means clean the floor around where it will be stored and don’t put anything on top of it.

Are there any mods for the Hydro Force Marine Pro?

One of the more popular mods that people put on their Hydro Force Marine Pros is a motor. A popular motor for the Hydro Force Marine Pro is the Intex motor. It mounts easily on the boat as if it was made for it. Just remember that you can have a motor on the boat with more than 3 horsepower.

A second mod that we see a lot on these boats is plywood flooring. Though the floor is pretty solid, latching one of these into the boat can make it that much more reliability.

Final Verdict

The Hydro Force Marine Pro is an affordable and practical option for getting out on the lake or ocean for some good fun in the sun.

You can save a ton of space with this boat when it’s deflated and stored up too. With the mix of durability, comfort, space, and additional accessories, you really can’t go wrong with this boat.

We hope that our Hydro Force Marine Pro review has given you a bit more insight and helped in your decision to purchase a new inflatable boat. Happy boating!