Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Review

Classic Accessories has a beautiful little line of Pontoon Boats in their Colorado line: Roanoke, Colorado, Colorado XT, and Colorado XTS.

In this Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review, we’re going to take you through a few options to show you why we think they’re some of the best solo pontoon boats on the market!


While they’re not designed for the intensity of whitewater rapids, they are perfect for those trying to catch some fish in quiet rivers or lakes.

You can even take these bad boys into the ocean if the water is permitting. Let’s dive into some of our favorite features that the Colorado Pontoons provide.

When you're all done, make sure to check out our best inflatable boats list to see how the Colorado Pontoon Boat compares.

Colorado Pontoon Boat

Colorado Pontoon Boat


  • 9’ in length
  • 400lb capacity
  • Class 1 River Rating
  • 71.5lbs in weight
  • Heavy-Duty Abrasion-Resistant PVC Bottom
  • Tough Nylon Top

Features and Benefits

The Colorado Pontoon is an extremely durable little boat. The two 9’ pontoons are secured underneath the black steel, rowing frame. For added durability, the pontoon tubes are zipped up around vinyl air bladders, ultimately acting as a protective layer that will still keep you afloat in the case of any punctures. If you get a puncture, which is very unlikely, the zip design makes the bladders very easy to replace. The build of the tubes are high quality with 840-denier nylon that covers the top and 1,100-denier PVC on the bottom.

The frame on the boat is just as tough as the pontoons. It can be assembled in minutes using the included cotter pins. The great thing about the frame is it can be adjusted to the size and shape of the angler. With the cotter pins, you can adjust the foot mounts, seat angle, oarlocks, and more. Once you’re done you can simply disassemble the frame and toss it in the back of your small car.

The aluminum oars that come with the pontoon are each 7’ long and are fitted nicely through the bronze oarlocks. These types of bronze oarlocks are becoming more and more popular, even on professional whitewater boats. For the price, these oars are incredibly tough and will work well for any kind of rower. In conjunction with the solid steel frame, you’ll get a nice stable platform to powerfully paddle through. If you ever want to take a break from rowing, the company has made it easy to install a trolling motor utilizing the mount on the back.

The Colorado Pontoon gives you fairly ample amount of storage space as well. There is a bit of storage onboard with the steel frame that is mounted behind the seat. You can easily store a tackle box, a cooler full of brews, and a life jacket. There are a number of gear pockets around the top of each of the pontoons. There are two big pockets on each side of the captain’s seat and smaller pocket that are near the front and rear of each of the pontoons. The small pockets have cupholders that are insulated and small pockets with zippers that you can use for car keys, snacks, phones, etc. These are out of reach however, so they’re not the best for items you may need on your journey.

As for accessories, there’s no shortage either. They have installed an anchor pulley system that lets you throw your anchor (an included bag that you fill with rocks) off the stern of the pontoon. There is also a rod holder that you can mount to the frame, allowing you to cast a hands-free line, perfect for when you need to take a lunch break. If you’re into fly-fishing, you’ll be happy to know there’s a stripping basket for extra line and dual fly patches for your gear bags. All in all, it’s a serious float fishing boat.

Colorado XT Pontoon Boat

Colorado Pontoon Boat XT


  • 9’ in length
  • 400lb capacity
  • Class 1 River Rating
  • 68lbs in weight
  • Heavy-Duty Abrasion-Resistant PVC Bottom
  • Tough Nylon Top

Features and Benefits

The bladders on the XT are made from the same heat and cold resistant vinyl material as the original Colorado. The bottom sides of each pontoon are coated with high quality and durable PVC that helps protect against abrasions and punctures. This is perfect if you’re launching in an area where there are lots of rocks or hard surfaces. As for the tops, you get the same tough nylon as well. While it’s not as tough as the PVC, it will still keep your boat nice and protected.

The frame is easy to assemble with the durable, powder-coated steel tubes. Because of the powder coating, the paint will look nice as long as you have the boat, which we really like. While the seat is comfortable, after long periods of time, it does get a little hard under the butt. Luckily, the design allows for you to put some sort of padding down if you do so choose.

The Colorado XT isn’t without the added features though. You have two insulated cupholders onboard and removable pockets to best fit your storage needs. There are a total of 20 pockets on the boat, so you really have enough to mix and match your accessories to no end. For even more storage, you have a bin behind the chair. The removable stripping basket is included and can either latch to the side of the boat or right over your lap. Lastly, for a bit of hands-free fishing they have included a solo rod holder that can be mounted in three positions.

Transportation is one of the main concerns of the Colorado XT. You can easily disassemble this boat and fit it in the back of a small sedan without fuss. Thanks to thee transport wheel, you can wheel your boat from land to sea so that you don’t have to carry it across longer distances. When you’re not using the wheel, you can fold it up under the seat of the boat.

Roanoke Pontoon Boat


  • 8’ in length
  • 350lb capacity
  • 43lbs in weight
  • Heavy-Duty Abrasion Resistant PVC Bottoms
  • Tough Nylon Tops

Features and Benefits

The Roanoke is just as strong as the other two boats with the nylon top and PVC on the bottom. You get 350 pounds of load capacity, perfect for even bigger men who are riding solo with some gear. The frame is also ultra tough with the powder-coated steel and cotter pin assembly.

As for the accessories on the Roanoke, you get the gear platform that is mounted behind the seat with tons of room for storage. There are also gear bags that attach to the side with insulated cupholders and a variety of pockets for loads of storage.

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There are a million ways to amp up your Colorado Pontoon, but here are just a few of our favorite Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications:

Colorado Pontoon Boat Trolling Motor

There are a couple options for trolling motors when it comes to your Colorado Pontoon, though you’ll want to make sure that you get the correct speed and size. To begin, you won’t be getting anything that is over 5mph, as that is what they cap trolling motors at. It has a nice 30-inch shaft that is the perfect size for the boat, 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds, an ultra-quiet design, and an incredibly tough composite build. Luckily, you can easily mount it to the back of your boat with the included motor mount. You will however need to buy a trolling motor battery.

Colorado Pontoon Swivel Seat

The Swivel seat is only available on the XTS, though can be installed on both every Colorado Pontoon boat. We recommend getting a swivel seat with a 7” pedestal at the highest. Remove the seat on the pontoon and bolt your swivel seat atop the steel frame. Voila! You now have a far more comfortable and practical seat design to fish with.

Colorado Pontoon Fishing Platform

Utilizing the steel frame, you can build a fishing platform onboard. All you need is a sturdy piece of flat wood to act as a deck to stand on. You can either place it in front of the seat or remove the seat all together to have a SUP-like design.

Colorado XT vs. XTS vs. Regular

The first difference that you’ll notice between the three boats is the weight. The Colorado XT is 68lbs, the XTS is 80lbs, and the Regular is 71.5lbs. The lighter options might be better if you’re transporting your boat to more remote and rugged launch areas, though even then the weight differences aren’t remarkable.

Do keep in mind that only the XT and XTS have the built-in wheels for actually transporting all that weight. The wheel on the XT has to be removed before you go out in the water while the wheel on the XTS folds up nicely into the frame.

The seating on the XT and Regular is exactly the same. If you decide to upgrade to the XTS, you get swivel seating. This can be incredibly helpful if you’re looking to add some comfort and efficiency to your fishing trips.

The last difference is the material used. While all boats are made with the same sturdy steel frames, nylon tops, and PVC bottoms, only the XTS has bronze oarlocks. The other boats use brass. The bronze doesn’t perform any better, though will last much longer due to the corrosion-resistant properties of bronze.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my Colorado Pontoon Boat?

The fabric should be routinely cleaned if the boat is being used often. You can clean the boat with freshwater and a soft brush. The covers should then be hung up to dry. Never use soap, a washing machine, or dryers, to clean the covers.

How do you blow up the bladders for the pontoons?

Begin by closing the valves on the pontoons and insert the inflation adapter into each. You can either inflate them using a manual hand or foot pump. Inflate to around ¾ full and insert the pontoons into the frames. Finish inflating within the frame, making sure to keep an eye on the pressure so not to over-inflate.

Final Thoughts

The Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat is a versatile and well-rounded pontoon boat for all anglers.

Best built for lakes and slow-moving rivers, you may want to shoot for a more high-end option if you ever want to face whitewater.

If you do want a solid pontoon boat that will last you for years, however, and feel like you don’t want to spend a ton of money on one, the Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat is a solid option. 

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