Manta Bodyboards Review

Located in Sydney, Australia, the Manta Headquarters is the home to this leading international watersports brand embraced by different types of riders. With more than 30 years of board-building expertise, Manta has grown to become one of the most reliable and well-loved ocean sports brands available today. True enough, they’ve outlasted many other brands because they possess the rare ability of keeping up with the times and adapting to what the contemporary rider is looking for in a bodyboard today.


Manta Bodyboards has earned its clout through the support of its star-studded team, consisting of big wave rider Charles Ward, Hawaiian Style Master Spencer Skipper, and Aussie hometown hero Charlie Holt. Although these three bodyboarding icons have distinctly different styles and wave preferences, they all push their limits in different waves and they are always a spectacle to watch. Now that’s what Manta Bodyboards is all about.


All Manta bodyboards were created to outlast the times. Straightforward yet technical. Simple but durable. Versatile yet powerful. These are the qualities that have made Manta bodyboards a classic success. Read about our top choices for Manta bodyboards below:

Manta TFX Bodyboard (39, 40, 41, 42)

Manta TFX Bodyboard

The Manta TFX is known as the father of fusion cores. Its original template was built with performance surfing as the ultimate goal and inspiration. TFX stands for Thermo Flex, and it is a combination-type core material consisting of high quality PP along the rails and durable PP-HD throughout the central midsection of the board. This gives the board the rigidity it needs to plow through powerful waves without sacrificing stability, responsiveness and drive. The rails on this bodyboard are also made to be sharp, to give the rider just enough response time to turn into tighter corners and launch into complex maneuvers.

  • Best fusion core in the world
  • TFX (Thermo Flex) core for High Performance
  • PP along the rails, PP-HD in the center
  • Surlyn Mesh material
  • Fully contoured deck for speed
  • Offers the best flex-to-drive ratio
  • Rigidity for stable rides
  • Durable enough to last the toughest conditions
  • Sharpened 50/50 rails for abrupt turns
  • Built for complex maneuvers
  • Single stringer
  • Comes with nose bulbs
  • Nose and tail bumpers
  • Crescent-shaped tail

Manta Pro XT Bodyboard (42, 44, 46)

Manta ProXT Bodyboard

They don’t call this board the Ultimate Wave Charger for nothing. Tested through time, the Pro XT is one of Manta’s oldest and longest-lasting templates. Its power lies in its double stringer and packed PP-HD core, making it a very sturdy and stable board meant to glide down the face of bigger waves. The XT also has a distinctly versatile shape, giving you more options when you’re riding a wave. It also comes in bigger sizes, making it the board to buy for bigger and heavier surfers. Many riders of this board have said that once you try the Pro XT, you’ll never go back to your old board again.

  • Charged PP-HD core and BPPHD core
  • Single stringer
  • 50/50 rails
  • XPS slick bottom (Xtreme Projection Skin)
  • Non-contoured deck
  • Long graduated channels
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Comes with nose and tail bumpers
  • Made for bigger and heavier riders

Manta Hurricane Bat & Crescent Tail (40, 42, 44)

manta hurricane bodyboard review bat and crescent tail

The Manta Hurricane is a time classic and a definite fan favorite. Despite being decades old, this is still the go-to template for a powerful, agile and dynamic bodyboard. It is made with an ultra lightweight material bolstered by a strong BPP core and complemented by an old school but dependable contour. The Manta Hurricane is such a good bodyboard that they had to offer it in two tail variants: crescent-shaped and bat-shaped. Both tails provide maximum hold while going down the line, while still allowing the rider to quickly shift in direction when needed. Add in an ultra slick XPS skin and you get a signature bodyboard that will last you another lifetime.

  • Strong BPP core
  • Single stringer
  • Pinched rails
  • XPS slick bottom (Xtreme Projection Skin)
  • Graduated channels
  • Non-contoured deck
  • Nose bulbs and nose bar included
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Durable build to stand the test of time
  • Tail variants: Crescent-shaped and Bat-shaped

Watch Manta Team Pro rider Spencer Skipper shred with his Manta bodyboard!


Are these bodyboards for beginners, pros, or both?

Manta Bodyboards has been in the business of board making for over three decades and they have consistently served a myriad of happy customers, beginners and pros alike. Manta is a go-to choice for many intermediate to advanced surfers because of the tried and tested templates, and also because of the high quality craftsmanship involved in the shaping and designing of every bodyboard.

While it may seem that Manta bodyboards is a brand that caters only to the more skilled riders, you’ll be surprised to know that it is also a personal choice of many beginners. This is because owning a Manta can be considered a lifetime investment. Made from durable materials and shaped with the rider in mind, the Manta Bodyboard range will stay alive for years to come.

What is the Manta brand known for and what are its characteristics in the industry?

Manta Bodyboards are known for their craftsmanship and long-lasting templates and designs. Their bodyboards are old-school classics or clever reinventions that will help you get the waves you want when you need them. The Manta brand reaches out to skilled riders and novice riders alike. Because of their timeless qualities and designs, both niches have no problems relating to the brand.

Overall, Manta Bodyboards is a well-loved brand by many different groups. The Manta Team encompasses three different styles and walks of life in bodyboarding: classic Aussie performance, Hawaiian style, and of course, big wave charging. This shows how versatile and all-around the many Manta bodyboards are.

What brands are Manta’s competitors?

All bodyboard brands are direct competitors of Manta Bodyboards because they cater to a wider set of potential customers. From novice riders to pros, Manta Bodyboards has a bodyboard design that works. In the recent years, brands that have similar philosophies and design sensibilities as Manta have proven to be good and friendly competition. These brands are Mike Stewart Science bodyboards, Hubboards, Pride Bodyboards, Town & Country and Found Bodyboards.


New technologies have allowed for countless board templates, deck designs, and core materials to be employed for the purpose of creating the world’s best all-around bodyboard. The demand for bodyboards has changed over the years, and we now see more riders interested in an everyday board that can deliver in the small stuff but also perform in the serious stuff. This is where Manta Bodyboards gets its strength.

When you combine a timeless and beloved classic like Manta with new technology and tougher materials, you get an extraordinary board borne of three decades worth of research and experience. While a Manta board is built for anybody, the pros seem to be particularly impressed with the nostalgic shape and the no-fail approach to board features, materials and design.

Straightforward, sturdy and reliable—that’s how you become a living legend in the world of bodyboards.