Pelican Coolers Costco Review

Costco Pelican Coolers are changing the game in terms of cool.

For many years, cooler technology remained pretty stagnant, and for the most part, people only used coolers to keep drinks cold for a day at the beach or tailgate.


In the past couple of years, we’ve begun seeing hi-tech coolers pop onto the market with features like never before.

While most of these new coolers cost a fair amount, they are quality enough to where it is worth it. This is why we wanted to tell you guys all you need to know about Pelican Coolers.

From the elite to the regular versions, these Pelican Coolers each have their own special quality for all your cooling needs.

Without further ado, here are our 5 favorite Pelican Coolers.

The 5 Best Bets

#1 Pick - Pelican 95 QT Cooler Costco

Pelican 95 QT Cooler

The Pelican 95 QT Cooler is easily one of our favorite Pelican Coolers of the flock, and comes in at a hefty 95 quarts and is made of a durable heavy-duty plastic. This model comes with a 2” polyurethane insulation throughout the inside and nice little rubber feet on the bottom that keeps the unit stable.

This cooler could easily keep your food nice and cold for up to a week of travel! Obviously ice will never stay completely frozen, though many people mention that even through hot summer days, most ice remained in tact.

The rubber tubing and heavy-duty latches make it air tight so that you can keep any heat out, and any cool in. So whether you’re taking a boat out on the lake or a camping trip through the mountains, this cooler will do the job well.

#2 Pelican 65 QT Cooler Costco

pelican 65 QT Cooler Costco review

The ProGear Elite Cooler 65 QT is a smaller version of the aforementioned cooler, though is still just as heavy-duty and can keep food and drinks cold for up to a week.

It far outdoes other coolers on the market and even works really well in sever temperatures. This cooler also comes with the same freeze grade gasket and 2” polyurethane insulation.

It’s also very comfortable to carry, as it comes equipped with dual molded in hinged handles. Many reviewers have said that it has retained ice for 10 days. The sloped drain is a nice little feature and comes with a little threaded plug that can be attached to a garden hose.

Have some belongings you want to keep safe? The Pelican Cooler also comes ready to be equipped with a padlock.

#3 Pelican 30 QT Cooler Costco

pelican 35 QT Cooler Costco review

Need something a little bit smaller?

The Pelican 30 QT Cooler is an excellent choice for those with a little less room to spare on those weekend trips. Our favorite characteristics about these Pelican Coolers are the slope drains that can attach to a garden hose.

This means no more hassle trying to drain your coolers after all the ice melts inside. At 26” x 18.8”, it’s a great cooler size for a sedan or small truck.

This cooler can also keep ice cold for up to 10 days. Just put your frozen food in and let this marine grade cooler work its magic while you have fun. We can’t recommend a tougher cooler out there.

#4 Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler

Pelican 80QT Elite Wheeled Cooler

The Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler is a nice alternative to the coolers that you have to carry. At 80 quarts, you are also getting tons of bang for your buck.

As with the other coolers on the list, the ice retention is rated for about 10 days and it can hold a TON of food and drinks. Oh yea, it also has a fun little bottle opener installed on the outside of the cooler.

The sloped drain and tethered plug come on this unit and the heavy-duty, large wheels make it incredibly easy to roll over just about any terrain you get it on top of. If you can’t wheel it for some reason, it comes equipped with the same easy-to-hold wide grip handles that are on the other models.

Secure this bad boy up and get out and enjoy yourself!

#5 Pelican Elite Soft Cooler

Pelican Elite Soft Cooler

The Pelican Elite Soft Cooler is different from the others on our list in terms of the build and keeps food and drinks cold for about 3 days before the ice really starts to melt.

It is the most inexpensive option as well for those who don’t want to spend and arm and leg, and is made with a high-density closed-cell foam insulation and double-coated TPU fabric on the outside.

In relativity to the other hard coolers, it is about half the weight, which makes it much easier to carry around on longer or tougher trips. This thing looks super durable as well, and has a zipper that is 100% leak proof to help in the “keeping cool” process.

This cooler is much better for a beach day or a shorter weekend camping trip, though it can deal with hot temperatures too. Secure it with the stainless steel tie-down, seal it with the dual-lock buckle system, and get out on the road for your weekend adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these Pelican Coolers keep my stuff safe and secure?

Absolutely! This is one of our favorite things about Pelican Coolers. Pelican Coolers are built to lock up if you need to. This is great if you’re taking long trips with expensive alcohol or food that you want to keep safe from other people or even animals! The fact that they lock up so nicely means that they also keep your food and drinks cooler for much longer, in turn, saving you from spending more money on ice.

How durable are Pelican Coolers compared to other coolers?

You can toss and throw these things around, stand on them, and use them as tailgate sleds if you do so choose. Though they obviously aren’t meant for all that, you’ll be surprised as to how in tact they stay through your future years together. In the end, they are much more functional, especially when paired with environments that are much more rugged like the sea and the mountains.

Comparing products is our specialty. Make sure to check out our best beach cooler page at Fin Bin for the to find out about the most durable coolers on the market. 

Is it okay to put dry ice in a Pelican Cooler?

Yes, though when you do use it, try and make sure that there is something between the dry ice and the inside walls of the cooler, as dry ice can damage it. The guys over at Pelican Coolers highly recommend using grocery bags or something similar.

Is there a warranty or return policy for Pelican Coolers?

Yup! If not damaged or altered, the Pelican Coolers come with a lifetime warranty that protects against breakage or defects in craftsmanship. In terms of returns and refunds, you have 45 days after your purchase to send it back, though you do also have to pay a 20% restocking fee.

Can I use my Pelican Cooler to keep food hot?

You bet! The inside of the walls are made with thick insulation that will retain whatever temperature is put inside of it. Just think of your Pelican Cooler like a giant thermos.

Why buy a Pelican Cooler over a Yeti Cooler?

In terms of toughness, these come in at a tie. They are both made from extremely durable materials and are built to last in rugged conditions. We love the molded lift-in handles on the Pelican compared to the rope handles on the Yeti Coolers. Pelican Coolers also gives their customers a lifetime warranty on their products while Yeti Coolers only give five years. In all, both of them are great coolers and retain ice for long periods of time wherever you decide to take them! It comes down to small personal preferences.

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