Wetsuit Dryer Hanger Review

At first glance, you may think that the Hangair Wetsuit Dryer is a kooks-only piece of surf technology, that is, until it totally saves the day.

Who hasn’t gone surfing on a freezing winter morning in a damp wetsuit? 

It’s sort of a miserable feeling.


For the avid surfers, it’s pretty often that we leave our wetsuits folded up in the car after our sessions and forget about it until the next day when we decide to go back out.

This is where the Hangair really comes in handy.

It’s one of those inventions that makes you ask, “where have you been all my life?”

Because it is such a clever and useful piece of surf tech, we wanted to share all we know about it so you can start using it too!

wetsuits drying on fence
HangAir wetsuit dryer review


  • Powerful waterproof fan
  • Blows 120 cubic feet per minute
  • Low voltage 15ft power supply
  • Wide shoulder construction
  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Nylon body
  • Stainless steel hook with 100lb capacity
  • Car charger accessory

Features & Benefits

how it works

The HangAir Wetsuit Dryer's built-in fan is easily the main focus of this hanger and it is great because it can dry out your wetsuit 70% times faster than air-drying, according to the manufacturer.

This is because it blows at 120 cubic feet per minute through the inside of your wetsuit.

It also works for any thickness of wetsuit as well.

The fan is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your wet wetsuit ruining it.

Not only does the fan help keep your suit nice and dry, but it also keeps it from getting smelly. Damp wetsuits can attract mold and bacteria and retain sweat, ocean water, dirt, and anything else that it might have gotten a hold of during your surf session. This is wildly helpful for those who live in places where humidity is high.

how the HangAir Dryer works

Though we all love wireless these days, the power cord isn’t a negative aspect of this product to us. The 15ft length is actually super helpful, as you’ll most likely be plugging it in outdoors where outlets are a bit more difficult to reach or are in odd hard-to-reach corners. It’s also useful if you decide to place it in the bathtub and plug it in above your bathroom countertop. All you have to do is plug it in, let it fire up, and you’ll have a dry wetsuit in no time at all.

The design of the Hangair is very durable. It has an ultra-strong nylon body and a sturdy stainless steel hook that can support even the heaviest of suits. Eco-friendly buyers will be happy to know that it is also manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. The wide shoulder design was very smart on the part of the manufacturers. If you’ve ever hung a wetsuit on a regular hanger, you’ve probably noticed those nasty creases and stretch marks that begin to appear. Not only does it look bad, it can ruin your wetsuit and the way it fits. The wide shoulder design helps to decrease any sort of stretching, and in turn, make your wetsuit last a little bit longer.

Lastly, you have the ability to purchase a car charger accessory to have on the side. This is incredibly useful if you’re taking longer surfing trips or don’t have the time to dry your suit at home. It’s a perfect addition to the Hangair for the nomadic surfer.

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  • Dries your wetsuit 70% faster than air-drying

  • Helps decrease bad odors from forming

  • Very strong nylon build and stainless steel hook

  • Dries any kind of wetsuit

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic

  • Long power cord

  • Wide shoulder build to protect from stretching.


  • Bulky build might not be ideal for smaller wetsuits

  • Not wireless

  • The fan is about noisy so it may not be best to keep in the house at night

The Verdict

For a small price, the Hangair Wetsuit Dryer is a little piece of surf tech that is absolutely worth the buy!

It’s truly the best way to dry your wetsuit quickly and is especially useful if you are surfing daily or going out at dawn in the cold.

It’s a durable hanger that does exactly what it is meant to do, no frills added.

big deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used with other things besides wetsuits?

Yes! It actually surpasses wetsuits in terms of versatility. The site also says that it works for scuba suits, dry suits, fire wear, electrical protective wear, leather cycling gear, and an array of other things. The fan is also plenty strong enough for heavier and thicker gear.

How do I use this product?

While the manufacturer doesn’t necessarily specify a lot of these things on their site, you should know a few things. You should never use the Hangair in direct sunlight, as UV rays can be incredibly damaging to your wetsuit. You should also turn your wetsuit inside out to dry it out, that way you will help it retain flexibility on the other side.

Can I use this for smaller wetsuits?

Many people have noted that the Hangair is a bit too bulky for their smaller wetsuits. The way to fix this is by trimming off around an inch of the edges, as they become very unnecessary for smaller suits.

Does this product’s adapter work for European outlets / voltage?

If you purchase in the USA, they will send you a USA standard 100-volt power adapter. If you purchase in Europe, they will send you an adapter based on your area. You can order multiple from them as well if you are someone who is constantly traveling and surfing.

Can’t I just put my wetsuit in the dryer?

You NEVER under any circumstances want to place your wetsuit inside of a commercial dryer. These dryers are way to hot and will destroy the synthetic neoprene rubber on your wetsuit.

Are there multiple fan speeds on the Hangair?

When they first made the product, they used to have a switch on it for high and low power. The recent model comes with a single speed that works for all types of suits mentioned earlier. Essentially, they’ve simplified the product without taking away anything necessary.

Can you leave your wetsuit hanging on the Hangair once it is done drying?

Absolutely! The best design feature, like we mentioned, is the wide shoulder design. You can leave your suit hanging on this as long as you want without the fear of creases or stretching.

Is there a warranty on the Hangair?

Yes. The guys at Underwater Kinetics have different warranties for different parts. There is a 10-year warranty for plastic parts, a 3-year warranty for rubber parts and LED / electronic parts, and 90-day warranty for rechargeable batteries. You can read their warranty policy more in depth at their website.

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