Slammo Vs. Spikeball Review

Because these two outdoor beach games are so incredibly similar, we’ve decided to do a Slammo Vs. Spikeball review so that you can better decide which one you want to purchase!

With summertime in the midst, we want to make sure you are prepared with a solid outdoor game for you and the whole family!

Check out our thorough comparison of these two games below.


The Review


playing slammo in the sand

Playing Slammo

Both of these games are incredibly fun to play just about anywhere outdoors, though they do have their apparent differences that we must address. While Spikeball is the original game and people tend to call Slammo a blatant copy, Slammo can still hold it’s own for a good time.

The design and materials used for the Spikball set are much more high quality and can definitely withstand more of a beating than Slammo, especially when it comes to wet or dirty areas like the beach or rural campgrounds.

With Slammo, it is pretty necessary to make sure it is packed up and put away when not in use so it doesn’t get ruined. That being said, they are both made of a PVC material, though Spikeball’s is higher quality.




slammo game

The legs on the Spikeball frame are adjustable, which is awesome for those who can’t find a perfectly flat spot to play on. That is a huge advantage over the Slammo frame, which only stands straight and cannot adjust. When it comes to the net, the two games are pretty much exactly the same. The only complaint we have is that the clips on the frame for the Slammo net are not as high quality. Both can easily be adjusted though.

The balls in the Spikeball kit are a bit higher quality than the Slammo ball. You can tell by holding both of them. The Spikeball balls have a better weight, thicker and more durable construction, and nice ridges.

However, if you’re an amateur player and want a game that is easier to play, this is where Slammo shines. One thing we have noticed is that the Slammo balls have a better bounce. They also provide a “practice” ball that is great for younger players and people just getting into the game, something that Spikeball missed out on.

The last thing that you should know is that both sets provide a lifetime warranty for their games so that if any parts break, the manufacturers will send you a new part for absolutely no cost!

playing spikeball

Playing Spikeball

Slammo Pros & Cons


  • Simple setup

  • Comes with a larger “practice” ball

  • Comes with an extra hand pump in case you lose the other one


  • Only good for flatter areas

  • Clips for frame are cheap

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Slammo and knock off of Spikeball?

It is true that Spikeball came first. They appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank back in 2015 and made a big impact with the sharks on the show! The sad thing was, they did not have a patent on the product. This meant that other market manufacturers were able to whip up similar products and toss them out on the markets for much cheaper. So yes, essentially Slammo is a knock off of Spikeball, though it certainly shouldn’t be underestimated.

What comes in a Slammo Kit?

The Slammo set includes 1 Slammo Target (trampoline), 2 9cm competition balls, 1 12cm “practice” ball, a small carrying case, and a set of rules.

What are the rules for a game of Slammo?

The rules for Slammo are the same as the rules for Spikeball! You can either play 1-on-1 or 2-on-2. A team has 3 taps or touches to bounce the ball back to the other team and a player is not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row. A team gets a point when the other team fails to hit it back in 3 turns or under or lets it hit the ground. Teams will typically play to 21 for a full game and 11 for a short game. A team must be ahead by 2 points to win.

Is there a Slammo community like there is for Spikeball?

That is one of the things we love so much about Spikeball when compared to Slammo. Slammo unfortunately does not have a huge community of payers or national tournaments. If you’re looking for that competitive communal experience, we would definitely suggest purchasing Spikeball

Verdict – Which Is Better?

 In our case, all the signs point to Spikeball being the superior game.

The construction is better, the community is bigger, and it is the original game that started it all.

The only reason we would tell you to purchase the Slammo set instead is if you want to save a little bit of money. With all that in mind, both are suitable outdoor summer games that can be a ton of fun!