Best Beach Games: The 14 Most Fun

Many avid beachgoers enjoy shredding the barrels, whomping in the waves, or just lying and collecting some rays to get that slick summer tan.


There’s no better way take in a beautiful, sunny day than to be near the ocean.

But what happens when you’ve run out of ways to have fun in the sun?...

...The great thing is, we’ve compiled a list of ultra fun beach games that can turn a bummy beach day into one that’s braggadocious. Beach games are an excellent way to take that sunny relaxation to the next level by adding a competitive edge.

There is a surprising array of beach games that you probably haven’t even thought of!

From the highly physical to the cool and mellow, we have the best beach games for every kind of player.

The 14 Most Popular

#1 Choice - Spikeball  

5 Star Editorial ​​Review!

If your idea of a great beach game includes showing off your pseudo-volleyball skills by spiking a hoola hoop sized ball on a mini trampoline while running around frantically, breaking a sweat, then Spike Ball might be the perfect game for you!

With the array of ball games on the market, we’d honestly thought we had seen it all until Spike Ball came around.

Perfect for not only the beach, but also for college campuses, tailgates, backyards, and beyond. This game has the ability to be played virtually anywhere!

Nothing compares to the Spike Ball set with ease of setup and sturdiness of play.

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And if you'd like to see how Spikeball stacks up to its biggest competitor (Slammo) see our comparison article

Ladder Golf

​For a fun, mellow, beer-in-hand beach game that only requires some good aim and 2 players, Ladder Golf is great game that won’t disappoint.

Two players or teams compete by tossing bolas across to the other one’s ladder rungs.

With a surprisingly easy tossing technique that you’ll be able to master in no time, there is no question that you will be hung up on this game!

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Buddy Hammon from Mission Viejo, CA holds the US high score for the RampShot tournament at 18 points.

This game has some serious competition, and will require a ton of strategy, movement, and at least 15ft of room to play properly.

The balls you play with bounce high, low, left, and right during the game and are fairly small so you’ll want to make sure you’re playing where they won’t get lost easily.

This game is best played with 3-4 players and can help in developing motor skills and hand eye coordination with every play.

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This game is for those that want to take hacky sack to a whole other level. BULZiBUCKET works by throwing, assisting, and hacking 8 small hacky sacks into 2 heavy-duty buckets for points.

Anyone who has a love for hacky sack, soccer, or cornhole will be able to get a grip on this game extremely fast!

It can be played with two teams, young and old.

The cool thing, BULZiBUCKET works as a lighter, more portable alternative to cornhole and has three different tiers of scoring to make the game a bit more interesting.

From the beach, to the backyard, to the tailgate, this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours!

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​People seem to lose interest quickly when a game isn’t challenging or becomes predictable.

Luckily Wild Sports Mashball comes with 6 different games in 1, combining the best qualities of cornhole, beer pong, ladder golf, and horseshoes that are perfect for all locations and ages.

Simply set up your waterproof toss game anywhere you’d like and get playing!

Comes with 2 wind-resistant balls, 22 plugs, a measuring cord, and a MashBall guide to help you make the most of all the game possibilities!

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KanJam Ultimate Disc Game

For a more extreme, high-energy game, get your buddies together for KanJam.

KanJam is great for all ages and works best with two on each team.

For those who like adding a bit more aim, agility, and defense to their Frisbee game, this will easily keep the competition going strong for hours on end.

We know you’ll dig the custom jam flying discs and highly durable cans that come together in this super durable set.

Bottle Bash

Another great way to get your Frisbee on is by adding the Bottle Bash set to your beach game repertoire.

Enhance your hand-eye-coordination and accuracy skills by throwing disks at your opponents bottles to try and knock them off their for a satisfying win.

In addition, you can catch your bottle to save your team, giving you and your teammate the ability to defend your turf and save the precious life of your little non-breakable beer bottle.

Looking at the design, you might think it would be difficult to play anywhere but soft sand, but note that the poles are easy to ground just about anywhere, ever knee deep water!

Looking to bash your opponents to the next sandy dimension?


Ah yes, there is no game quite as reminiscent of the college tailgate days than sweet, stress free game of cornhole.

This game is quite common just about everywhere, and for good reason!

Every time we think of cornhole, we think of an easy beer-in-hand game with some sweet summer jams and the sun shining bright.

Though there are many people making cornhole sets, GoSports PVC framed game give it a super light and portable quality that we’ve yet to see anywhere else!

This is no doubt one of the top beach games on the market. It’s great for all ages, allowing anyone to join in on the excitement.

If you’re looking for a classic game to turn your party from a bust to a banger, you need to pick up a cornhole set!


Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howler Football

Just as simple as tossing around the football without any real competitive edge or complicated rules.

Whether you want to just play toss with a few people, or put on a scrimmage match with teams, the Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howler football is the perfect little toy for all ages!

It's essential to note that there is no feeling quite like hearing the sound of the howling whistle as you launch this bad boy hundreds of feet down the sandy shore.

The soft and easy to grip design not only makes it easy to throw and catch, but is also a safer alternative to throwing a pro football around a crowded beach.

For those that enjoy simplicity in a beach game, the NerfSport Howler is an excellent choice.

Paddle Catch and Toss

Is it just us or does the Paddle Catch and Toss just scream 90s Nickelodeon commercial?

What an absolute classic!

The paddle catch and toss is good for hours of sandy fun and the small, light ball design and Velcro sticky pads make it easy for all ages to join in on the excitement.

You might want to keep these things out of water though!

The Velcro design is known to fray and fall apart if submerged in the water for too long.

Otherwise, this game a traditional winner, and nowhere near a toss up.

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The skill of tossing around one of these classic plastic discs is an obvious necessity for this being any fun.

If not, be prepared to make some beachgoers angry when it nails them in their sunbathing slumber. Other than that, the beauty of a Frisbee is you only need two people and a whole lot of space.

As the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series in 1991, you know this Frisbee is legit.

Make sure to brush up on that wrist flick and get your skills in tact and you’ll be on your way to Frisbee fun in no time!

Smash Ball


TidalBall (B00HFYINSA)


Which game on the list is great for those wanting to get the most active?

Out of all the games, we’d have to say that Spikeball is probably one of the most inherently active games. It’s actually used as a warm up by Rich Froning, 3X Fittest Man in Crossfit. There’s no doubt that after only 10 minutes you’ll be breaking a sweat.

Which game is the most portable and easiest to bring around from beach to beach?

The howler football is by far the easiest of the games to carry around and realistically only requires two people to play with.

Are there any games that can only be played on the beach or can most of these be taken to other outdoor places as well?

Most every game on here can be played not only at the beach, but also in the backyard, the tailgate, while camping, and anywhere else. The only game that would be difficult to play anywhere else would be TidalBall as it requires digging holes in the sand with plastic shovels.