Sponge Rez Bodyboard Repair Glue Review

If you have been bodyboarding for some time now, we know that you have been dreading the day you get your first ding. If you were unfortunate enough to have a surfboard punch a hole straight into your deck or if you hit an exposed rock while surfing the shore break, you will have to take some time off and learn the basics of bodyboard repair.


Can I repair my bodyboard by myself?

While you can always hire your local guy to do the repair for you, let this article convince you otherwise. One of the greatest benefits of riding a bodyboard compared to a surfboard is that it is just so much easier to repair. With a surfboard, you will need to gather different materials like polymer and fiber cloth if you’re riding a PU board. You will also need to perform some sort of surgery on your surfboard by cutting some parts loose, filling them in and then sanding them to a smooth finish depending on the damage.

With a bodyboard, you don’t need to do all that. It will take you as short as 15 minutes to perform a regular repair job on your bodyboard. Read on below to know the easy breezy process of bodyboard repair.

Sponge Rez Review

Want to know the secret? All you need is Sponge Rez​. It is a clear resin that is flexible and durable enough to fix the most common bodyboard dings.

The most common bodyboard ding types are:

  • Punctures on the top deck
  • Punctures on the surlyn bottom
  • Leash anchors that have come off
  • Creased or wrinkled bottoms
  • Delaminated deck
  • Delaminated rail
  • Deep gouges
  • Can also repair swim fins and wetsuits
Sponge Rez Bodyboard Repair Glue

Sponge Rez can be applied to almost all types of bodyboards, except extruded polystyrene or EPS. The following materials are good for use with Sponge Rez:

  • Surlyn
  • Ethafoam
  • Vinyl
  • Arcel
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

Don’t use Sponge Rez if you have a board made from EPS because the resin will melt into the styrofoam core.

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How To Repair A Bodyboard

After identifying what kind of ding you have at hand, you should follow these steps:

  1. Remove old wax and dirt from your bodyboard before you begin repairing. Make sure that your bodyboard is completely dry because any amount of moisture will interfere with the resin’s ability to patch your board up.
  2. Choose a well-ventilated location. You can do it in your garage as long as it is not an enclosed space. The best place is to do repairs is outdoors and under a shade. Never repair your board under direct sunlight.
  3. Squeeze a liberal amount of Sponge Rez onto the hole or delaminated area on your bodyboard. Don’t worry about putting excess amounts of resin because you spread this later on.
  4. Use the spreader or get a putty knife, screwdriver, or any hard laminated card like an old ID to spread the resin evenly. Make sure you fill out every cavity.
  5. If you are repairing a hole, spread the resin until you fill up the entire hole. If you are repairing a delaminated rail, you will need to clamp the edges of the rail together with your hands or with a large bulldog clip for 10-15 minutes so that the material will bind together.
  6. That is all you need to do to repair your bodyboard using Sponge Rez. As long as you let the resin dry and harden completely before hitting the water again, your bodyboard should be just fine.

Sponge Rez bodyboard repair review


So I can’t use Sponge Rez on an EPS bodyboard. Any suggestions on what I can use to repair my board instead?

If your bodyboard has an EPS core, you can use a hot melt glue gun to fill in the cavity, gouge or delaminated area. Just be careful when using a hot melt glue gun because the glue stick can be messy. Don’t touch the material with your bare hands when it is hot. Wait 2-5 minutes to let the glue dry on your board and then wait another hour before taking it out in the water. This method works really well for small punctures and slight dings.

Should I wear a gas mask when using Sponge Rez to repair my board?

It is always better to be safe than sorry so kudos to you for thinking about your health. We highly discourage inhaling the resin, especially on purpose, because this can be toxic to your body in large amounts. If a gas mask is too bulky, you can choose a cloth mask, a bandana or your shirt to cover your nose and mouth during the repair.

Can I use Sponge Rez to repair other stuff aside from my bodyboard?

Yes, you can use Sponge Rez for any water equipment made of surlyn, ethafoam, EVA, vinyl and arcel. Remember that you cannot use it on EPS material.

Sponge Rez can be applied to your swim fins in the case of cracks and creases. The resin can also be applied over the fin blades to give them extra rigidity and stiffness.

Sponge Rez can also be used to patch up holes in your wetsuit. Just make sure to leave your wetsuit overnight before using so that the resin will be completely dry.

How do I know if Sponge Rez has worked?

You will notice that the resin will seem to “skin over,” so once you see that, try to give the area a good press or two. Sponge Rez is made to be pliant so you should feel a gel-like texture but it should not be wet like glue.