Ten Toes Globetrotter Review

Standup paddle to new places on a GLOBETROTTER

Explore more of what standup paddle (SUP) boarding has to offer intermediate and experienced paddlers.

The GLOBETROTTER is a 12-foot long inflatable SUP board made for long-distance paddling. It falls into the category of touring boards, which have unique shapes and features that fall in between an all-around SUP and a racing SUP.


The major benefit of going with the GLOBETROTTER is that you get terrific straight line tracking capabilities on calm or boisterous surface waters. The nose shape of this touring board is narrow and similar to the shape of a racing SUP board in that it acts like a displacement hull. There is some rocker in the nose and tail, providing some maneuverability for turning.


ten toes globetrotter paddle board

The nose features of the GLOBETROTTER help the bow track easily in waves and chop. Where you gain in speed and tracking capabilities, you lose in stability.

However, the soft-square tail shape adds some overall steadiness to the board. In addition, the rail design gives some stability without sacrificing speed.

The rails are thick and are a soft-edged square shape. The combination is superb – speed and stability!

Paddling this board would definitely challenge the beginner, and it’s a great design for those already familiar with basic SUP skills and techniques.

Ten Toes manufactures their SUP inflatable boards with industrial strength materials and sewing techniques. Military-grade PVC fabric gives the GLOBETROTTER its armored durability and rigidity.

Despite its heavy-duty construction, it is an incredibly light board, especially for being 12-feet! There’s a hand strap mid-center on the deck for easy lifting and under-the-arm carrying. Take this resilient board to new watery places, whether it’s over rocky and gravel bottoms or through narrow, stone-lined waterways.

Pro's & Con's

  • Reputable company
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with one removable fin, hand pump, paddle, TWO soft deck pads and repair kit
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Able to generate speed
  • Excellent for long-distance paddling
  • The narrow width relative to length makes this board tippy
  • Not a beginner board – need prior paddling experience
  • ​Does not include a board bad for storage and carrying
  • Time and energy consuming to manually inflate with supplied hand pump

When you buy a Ten Toes GLOBETROTTER, you not only get a superior inflatable SUB board, you also get other accessories that will get you out in the water sooner rather than later! Included is a height-adjustable aluminum paddle with snap locks for easy setup and break down of three, easy stowing-sized pieces.

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Globtrotter Paddle Board

To inflate your board, Ten Toes sends a manual pump that you connect to a valve near the tail. A user manual is included with inflation and deflation instructions. If you want to save arm strength and aerobic energy more for long-distance SUP paddling than long-time SUP inflating, it’s recommended by a handful of reviewers to personally invest in an electrical pump.

Other great features include a foamy soft deck pad. Such a luxurious comfort goes a long way on long-distance explorations.

Prolonged kneeling or standing positions are no longer tortuous! As if one soft, textured deck pad isn’t enough, Ten Toes sends you a spare second.

Just forward of your padded comfort zone, you can secure your water bottle or lunch pack with a bungee cord web secured with four stainless steel D-rings. The tail has an additional stainless steel D-ring for attaching other necessary items.

You even get a repair kit should your wild explorations lead you to need it.

The GLOBETROTTER is easy to use. To start your adventure, unroll your board, attach the pump and inflate it, assemble the paddle and snap in the fins, bungee your belongings, launch from shore and get moving on the water!

After your wanderings, dry the boat off and deflate it by removing the single fin and opening the valve.

Then roll it back up into its compact bundle that is easy to transport in a backpack or wheeled board bag. Don’t forget to break down the paddle and pack that, too!

Be kind to your GLOBETROTTER by taking care of it. Exposure to heat and excessive sun can damage the integrity of your board and compromise its resilient manufacturing.

When you deal with Ten Toes, the service is professional and the company has a good reputation for manufacturing high-quality SUP boards and providing exceptional customer service.


  • Shape: All-around board, rounded-point nose, soft-square tail, slight nose & tail rocker
  • Dimensions: 12’ x 30” x 6” (11” x 36” when deflated and rolled for storage)
  • Board weight: 30-pounds when inflated (~15 psi)
  • Weight capacity: 250-pounds
  • Best for: Intermediate to Experienced paddlers; flat & choppy water, long distances
  • Characteristics: Touring-style board
  • Hull design: Combined features of planing and displacement
  • Materials: Military-grade PVC, drop stitch construction; Standardized H3 valve
  • Carrying handle: Single strap, mid center of deck
  • Fin System: Single, removable, included
  • Leash: None
  • Paddle(s): (1) 3-piece aluminum paddle, adjustable min/max length 3-9’, included
  • Pump: Manual pump, included
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Best Feature: Extra soft EVA textured foam deck pad

Globtrotter Paddle Board


What’s better, an inflatable SUP board or a kayak?

Standing up provides better views while you paddle than sitting down. You can see out to the horizon and look down upon the waters at fish and bottom features below. The SUP activity is easy to master and gives you a fantastic core and lower body workout!

Why does the paddle have and angled blade?

The angle allows the paddle blade to align in a straight up-and-down fashion as it sweeps alongside the board’s rail. This gives a more powerful, effective stroke. For long-distance SUP paddling, it’s good to learn proper paddling technique!

How is standup paddle boarding a versatile activity?

With the right SUP board, you can ride flatwater, river rapids and/or surf. Certain board shapes provide stable yet challenging yoga platforms while others accommodate the fast, competitive racer. The design of the Ten Toes GLOBETROTTER makes it versatile in handling different water conditions, ranging from flat to choppy. Find the aspects of SUP paddling that you enjoy then pick a board that matches your criteria. You can paddle in groups or go solo. Finally, you can SUP paddle on many different water bodies, including lakes, rivers, and coastal ocean shorelines.

Why should I try standup paddle boarding?

It’s fun and easy to learn. Additionally, there’s freedom in being able to explore our watery world alone or with friends. You get tremendous exercise and core strength, which in turn means you are building muscle, losing fat and working muscles key to proper posture. When just starting out, it challenges your balance, but with regular practice that improves. Good balance helps you on land, too!


The Ten Toes 12-foot inflatable GLOBETROTTER Standup Paddle Board is a great value for the price. Affordable primarily because you get an exceptionally made SUP and all the accessories you need to start paddling immediately! The only thing you need to supply is the waterbody!

The GLOBETROTTER is a comfortable board to ride and handle. It’s easy to transport, inflate, deflate, and stow. For avid users, buy a separate electric pump to replace the manual hand pump supplied – less energy and strength used to pump means more for paddling.

This is a stable yet speedy board. The various combinations of features put this SUP board between a touring and racing design. Swiftly sail across vast stretches of flat calm waters or track a straight course easily through sloppy wind and tidal chop. The GLOBETROTTER will help you take your SUP adventures to a new level of fun and exploration.

For a bigger look at some of our other favorite paddle boards, make sure to check out our guide on the best paddle boards on the market!

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