Vilano Journey iSUP Review

SUP in style and with confidence on a Vilano JOURNEY!

Are you just starting to standup paddle (SUP)? If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to get into the activity, have a look at JOURNEY, Vilano’s 10-foot inflatable Standup Paddle Board.


It is stylish, with pleasing color combination choices of white-grey or blue-white. It has a sleek appearance for an ‘all-around’ SUP board, yet wide enough to provide amazing stability.


What’s great about the JOURNEY SUP board is that it is incredibly versatile, too!

Inflatable SUP boards are terrific because of their lightweight yet sturdy construction.

The JOURNEY is no different. It is incredibly rigid when inflated and the high quality PVC material gives you a durable board.

The heavy-duty resiliency combined with being feather light makes the JOURNEY a super SUP board that is super easy to handle in and out of the water.

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Vilano Journey inflatable sup

The hand strap in the center of the deck lets you hold the board comfortably under your arm, and there’s an over-the-arm shoulder strap that makes carrying even easier.

The shoulder strap hooks onto two rings on the board’s rail so it attaches and detaches quickly. However, being on the rail, sometimes you can hit the rings if your paddling stroke comes close alongside the board.

Vilano’s JOURNEY is really an ‘all-around’ SUP board. The nose is a rounded-point shape with a bit of rocker. This shape provides more surface area in the front part of the board to help with overall stability and makes paddling through chop and small waves easier. The tail is close to a soft-squash shape for a smooth ride on small waves and more maneuverability for turning. Another nice thing about the JOURNEY is its buoyancy. The board and paddler sit higher atop the water’s surface, which facilitates paddling and adds to the stability. It also gives you better views to enjoy during your SUP excursion!


An ‘all-around’ board, rounded-point nose and soft-square tail; slight nose rocker

~10’ x 31” x 4” (12” x 35” when deflated and rolled for storage)

Board weight:
23-pounds when inflated (~15 psi)

Weight capacity:
200-250 pounds

Best for:
Beginner to Intermediate paddlers; flat water and waves ~1-2’

Stable deck, sturdy construction

Manual pump, included

Best Feature:
Diamond-grooved foam pad luxuriously covers nearly 2/3rds of the deck!

Hull design:

“High grade” PVC, Korean drop stitch construction

Carrying handle:
Single strap at mid center of deck and an over-the-shoulder board strap

Fin System:
Single, removable, included


(1) 3-piece aluminum paddle, adjustable, included

1 Year manufacturer’s warranty covers workmanship and material

While the JOURNEY can handle small waves and chop, it is excellent for the flatwater paddler as well. If you’re new to SUP and are interested in finding a relaxing activity to do alone or with a friend, this board should be on your radar. The hull, designed to plane easily, lets you generate some speed. Combined with its incredible stability, it is an excellent choice for the beginner and intermediate paddler. That’s the beauty of the all-around SUP design.


Here’s the best part – you get everything you need to start your SUP adventure with one purchase. You get the SUP inflatable board, pump, paddle, fin and instruction manual. You even get a backpack for storing, transporting and carrying everything! The JOURNEY rolls into a compact bundle and neatly tucks into the pack. Take it anywhere – even on a plane! The JOURNEY is great to take on all your journeys! It is important to take care of an inflatable SUP, and the two worst things are exposure to excessive heat and prolonged sunlight. That’s another cool thing about the included backpack – you can store your SUP board easily and properly!

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Pro's & Con's

  • Reputable company
  • Lightweight yet durable and rigid
  • Stable and maneuverable
  • Non-skid, soft padding on nearly entire deck surface
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with one removable fin, hand pump, paddle, and a backpack!
  • Comes with one removable fin, hand pump, paddle, and a backpack!
  • Total of 7 D-rings
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Shoulder strap rings on board’s rail can interfere with paddling
  • Does not easily track a straight-line
  • Time and energy consuming to manually inflate with supplied hand pump

Once you are ready to go paddling, just unpack and unroll the board, inflate it using the manual pump provided, and attach the single 8” hard plastic fin. Snap together the three-piece paddle, then go SUP! It will take several minutes to inflate the board by hand, and if you are keen on using your JOURNEY a lot – which is likely – you may want to invest in an electric pump so you can save your arm strength for paddling!

Vilano had function and beauty in mind when they designed the JOURNEY SUP board. The deck has a soft, diamond-textured foam pad that covers 2/3rds of the surface, which makes it nice for doing yoga, laying back and relaxing, kneeling and prolonged standing. Four D-rings hold a bungee cord web that will secure personal items on deck while you paddle. In addition, there are three more D-rings fixed to the deck so you can tie off other things, like a kayak seat for when you bring along a passenger on your SUP excursion. There is no repair kit included, but Vilano provides great customer service as well as an exceptional product, so no worries if you need parts or patches! Just contact them!


How long does it take to inflate an SUP board with a hand pump?

It all depends upon the size of the SUP board and your pumping abilities! Typically, a 10-foot inflatable board will take 10-12 minutes. You will find that hand pumping is easy at first, but as the boat nears full inflation, there is more resistance and the pumping gets more strenuous.

Does the JOURNEY SUP board come with a leash?

No, the board does not come with a leash. Like most inflatables, there is a D-ring secured near the tail where you can attach a leash. You don’t need a leash to hop on a board to SUP, however, it is highly recommended you have one for additional safety.

How many chambers does the inflatable board have?

There is only one “air chamber” in inflatable SUP boards. The materials and construction of SUP boards today make them highly resistant to damage during normal use. A sturdy SUP board can handle bumps and scrapes from rock, coral and coarse sand. A well-made inflatable will last a long time and take a lot of abuse.

What is the recommended PSI for my inflatable SUP board?

Each manufacturer will supply information on what they recommended for inflation pressure. Most inflatable SUP board companies will suggest using 10-15 psi. The typical range for everyday use is 10-12 psi. A higher psi helps if you are paddling in cold or choppy water, or if you need more stability. It is not recommended to go past about 15 psi, because after that, you only get small, incremental gains in the board's rigidity past that point. Plus, it is way too much effort!


You will not be steered wrong with the Vilano 10-foot inflatable JOURNEY Standup Paddle Board. This SUP board is excellent! You get incredible value for the affordable cost. The JOURNEY is a stylish board that is very functional.

It’s amazingly easy to transport and even comes with a backpack for easy stowing and carrying. For those just starting out, the JOURNEY is a perfect board to learn how to SUP. Beginners have a successful start because of the board’s stability and its ability to handle different conditions – everything from flat to small surfing waves!

Vilano Journey - Editorial Rating
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  • Maneuverability
  • Price