Ten Toes JetSetter Review

As an industry leader, Ten Toes has a reputation to maintain with each of their boards, and they certainly do with the JetSetter.


This durable, hydrodynamic board boasts a great ride, smooth grip, and fantastic stability for either racing or tracking. The JetSetter is a great board for intermediate-to-expert riders who love speed and want great stability at the same time.


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Ten Toes Jetsetter Review

Ten Toes builds rigid, durable boards that provide great ride and stability, which can't be said for many inflatable paddleboards. The bigger brother of Ten Toes' Globetrotter, the JetSetter lives up to this standard, and does so with versatility and flair. It comes in two colors: black and red, and has a simple, sleek visual feel. Because of its size and thickness, the board works well for touring or racing alike, and provides great stability for longer trips.

It provides a solid platform for gliding over the open water and is big enough for sharing or bringing along a pet given its high weight capacity and broad construction. It could even work for light kayaking, and bears a unique kayak-fusion shape that sets it apart from other boards in the Ten Toes family.

The JetSetter also has a great gripping surface across half of the board that enhances its stability further and makes remounting easier. The EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate, otherwise known as "poly") grip surface and rugged stability of its build makes for a seamless riding experience that keeps you light on your feet while navigating.

The board's narrow nose and hydrodynamic shape make it perfect for a speed lover. It tracks well on the surface and changes direction pretty smoothly. Its narrow nose helps to disperse water and maintains an even ride even at higher speeds. It minimizes water resistance pretty well and has a removable nylon fin for easy maneuvering. It navigates through choppy waters like a breeze and executes pivot turns well. The lightweight, ultra-strong three piece aluminum paddle provides a perfect companion.

Unlike other boards, the JetSetter works well for bigger riders and riders who want to ride for extended amounts of time.


Length: 14'

Width: 30"

Thickness: 6"

Weight limit: 350 lbs.

Weight of board: 31 lbs.

Maximum PSI: 15

Dimensions in storage: 1'x36"

Paddle: Approximately 9' assembled, 3' unassembled

Fins: 1 removable

As mentioned earlier, the EVA foam deck pad provides great comfort and grip that makes standing and shifting positions easy. The texture allows you to keep your grip for long periods of time while being soft and comfortable enough that it won't bother you.

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The JetSetter has a convenient central carrying handle that makes for effortless transportation, and it packs into a compact 1' by 36" storage shape, making it easily transportable anywhere. It has five stainless-steel D rings, four of which are attached by a bungee cord, for strapping any equipment while on the water.

Pro's & Con's

  • The JetSetter is a heavy-duty board with a 14' length and 6" thickness that makes it great for both racing and touring.
  • It has a sleek hydrodynamic shape that helps manage water contours and makes it feel light and smooth on open water.
  • ​It's pointed-bow shape allows it to gain speed and change direction quickly and its thickness and width gives it great stability and tracking other boards of this length and shape don't always have.
  • ​It's made of heavy-grade "drop-stitched" military grade PVC for ultra-high durability.
  • It comes in an all-inclusive package with a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, manual pump, and repair kit, a big plus for any customer.
  • The JetSetter doesn't come with its own carry bag, which can make carrying and transporting somewhat difficult, and the bungee strap can be a little short of the board isn't rolled up tightly.
  • Using the manual pump might be tiring for some.
  • ​For less experienced riders it may not be the best in strong currents or waves.
  • In general, the board is designed for at least intermediate riders, working best for experienced riders who can handle speed well and know how to maneuver a big board, and isn't necessarily for everyone. However, Ten Toes offers such a great selection of boards across their product line that this isn't as much an issue.

The board has a protective shell across the entire surface which gives it integrity and a solid feel. Coupling this with its military-grade PVC, sometimes it's easy to forget that the JetSetter is an inflatable board, given how sturdy it feels.

Because this is a larger board, inflation may require a bit more effort compared to smaller Ten Toes boards.

When inflating, it's probably best to not use your arms, as the manual pump can tire you out quickly.

Instead, it's probably better to lock your arms and depend on the weight of your upper body to push while performing a type of forward squat (with you chest forward) to get the thrusts needed to maintain solid pumps of air.

Jetsetter-paddle-board reviewed

This is a truly beastly board, and with a manual pump, a good amount of effort is necessary to get it to full inflation each time.

Some riders might consider switching to an electric pump instead of the manual pump that comes included.

While the paddle is light and durable, the length adjustment quick lock mechanism might be clumsy for some.

The bungee strap may feel short if the board is not rolled up tightly; ongoing use will help with this adjustment. This could potentially be a disadvantage for some users since the board does not come with a carrying case. At 31 pounds, some might find it cumbersome to transport by hand.

Features (on the board):

• 5 stainless-steel D-rings. 4 D-rings are on the front board and are connected with a bungee cord to secure any needed material. The fifth D-ring is on the back of the board for safety and can be used to attach the board to a dock, to secure a leash, and so on.

• Central carrying handle

• Comes in either black or red colors

• H3 Valve

• Removable nylon fin

• Textured foam deck pad

Accessories (not on the board):

• Paddle: 9' three piece ultra-lightweight adjustable aluminum paddle

• Pump: High-pressure hand pump and gauge

• Repair kit including adhesive, wrench for valves and PVC patching


ten toes board

If you're an intermediate-to-expert rider who needs speed, durability, quick maneuvering, and likes to go fast, far, or both, this board is perfect for you.

It's long, study, and great for touring and racing alike.

If you like to ride with a friend or take your favorite pet along on the water, this high-capacity board (boasting an astounding 350 lb. maximum weight) provides a great experience.

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For larger riders, or riders who are taller and beyond the 200-pound mark, this board is big enough and sturdy enough to provide a solid riding experience smaller boards won't be able to provide.

The JetSetter is a big, sturdy board built for speed and racing, with a hydrodynamic design and a narrow nose that cuts through and disperses water very effectively.

It's perfect for competitive racing as well as long tours, and it glides beautifully over the open water.

This giant board may be a little too intimidating for some riders, who may fare better with Ten Toes' 12-foot Globetrotter board or another smaller model.

It's an affordable, durable board that's great for riders who are looking for speed and stability at a high level.

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Ten Toes JetSetter - Editorial Rating
  • Quality Made
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Price