Ten Toes Weekender Review

Get on the water – weekday or weekend – with the WEEKENDER!

Small or no waves at the local surf break, no problem. With the inflatable Ten Toes WEEKENDER Standup Paddle Board (SUP), you’re still going to have fun on the water. This SUP is versatile! Surf it on those small beach waves.

Explore up river. Paddle in peace on calm lake waters. Whether you are a beginner at SUP paddling or you have prior SUP propelling experience, the WEEKENDER is a great choice for hours of enjoyment and fun exercise.



Weekender review

This “all-around” SUP has a shape that is suitable for wave surfing and paddling flat water. The deck is a stable yet challenging platform for yoga or Pilates.

The length to width ratio makes this a relatively stable board. Having a stable platform is great for those just starting to learn because you can gradually acquire balance, proper form and paddling techniques with less time falling off and less energy spent getting back up!

If you are already a competent SUP paddler, this board is still fun to take surfing or on river waters to improve your techniques and challenge your skills.

The WEEKENDER shape resembles a typical longboard. The wide, round nose adds surface area in the front part of the board, contributing to the board’s overall stability. Another reason why this board is great for all skill levels is its buoyancy!

Being more buoyant means the board and paddler ride higher in the water. More buoyancy combined with more surface area makes it easier to paddle into small, slow surf waves with stability and control. It also helps you keep your balance in choppy waters.

Pro's & Con’s

  • Reputable company
  • ​Lightweight yet durable
  • ​Easy to transport
  • Comes with removable fins, hand pump, paddle, TWO deck pads and a repair kit
  • Great value for the price
  • Tracks well on open flat water
  • ​Suitable for small wave surfing
  • Accommodates different skill levels
  • Slow in the water
  • ​Only one handle at center for carrying
  • ​Limited number of D-rings
  • Does not include a board bag for board storage and transport
  • Difficult to manually inflate past 14 psi with supplied hand pump

Other characteristics about the board’s shape are worth noting. For the wave rider, tail shape is important. Like the nose, it is rounded, but it is narrower.

When surfing the WEEKENDER, the tail holds onto the water better, improving control on bigger waves with more subtle turning and carving ability.

Because the board is also buoyant, it has more “lift” that can carry you through the slower sections of a wave. While the fuller, rounded rails will not turn sharply, they will be more forgiving on the face of a wave.

For the flatwater paddler, this board is great for a relaxing ride and gentle exercise. Unlike a SUP board specifically designed for touring and going long distances, the WEEKENDER’s all-around design is not for speed.

Regardless, you will glide smoothly through the water with ease because the hull is flat and planes effortlessly. For all-around paddling fun, you cannot beat the all-around design of this board.

Being an inflatable board, you may think it’s not durable. Think again! Military-grade PVC provides outstanding durability and renders an exceptionally ridged board. Tens of thousands of thick plastic threads sew the top and bottom pieces together, with about 100 threads per square inch.

This guarantees rigidity and resiliency, and maintains the inflated board’ shape.


  • Shape: Longboard, round nose and tail, slight nose rocker
  • Dimensions: 10’ x 30” x 6” (11” x 36” when deflated and rolled for storage)
  • Board weight: 29-pounds when inflated (12-16 psi)
  • Weight capacity: 250-275 pounds
  • Best for: Novice to Experienced paddlers; flat water and 1-2’ waves
  • Characteristics: Very stable deck, sturdy construction
  • Hull design: Planing
  • Materials: Military-grade PVC, drop stitch construction; Halkey-Roberts style valve
  • Carrying handle: Single strap, mid center of deck
  • Fin System: Removable, 3-piece thruster setup, included
  • Leash: None
  • Paddle(s): (1) 3-piece aluminum paddle, adjustable min/max length 3-9’, included
  • Pump: Manual pump, included
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Best Feature: Extra soft EVA textured foam deck pad

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It’s the perfect board for accessing places like rocky shorelines where traditional epoxy boards might encounter dings and scratches. Durability usually equates to a heavy board. That’s not the case with the WEEKENDER. For its hardiness, this board is incredibly light, making it easy to transport and use. This board has one carrying strap in the center of the deck for a secure under-the-arm hold.

The SUP comes with sturdy, removable fins in a thruster setup. This is great because you have options to customize. For example, on open flatwater use all three of the fins for better tracking, in shallow water or rivers remove all the fins, or use just the two smaller side fins for surfing. Secured in place with a push-in clip, the fins are easy to put on and take off.

Weekender SUP

You also get one, height-adjustable aluminum paddle that breaks down into 3-pieces when not in use. A manual pump is included and connects to a valve near the tail. Before you inflate, push the spring so it is in a ‘popped up’ position. To deflate, push it in and twist. It’s a good arm and aerobic workout in itself, so if you’re an avid SUP user, and you use your board a lot, you may want to invest in an electrical version to get you paddling sooner with no manual pumping.

Other nice features include a deck pad that is comfortable to stand and kneel on, a bungee cord web near the nose secured with four stainless steel D-rings, another D-ring centered on the tail, a manual with care and use instructions, and a repair kit. You may not ever need it, but a spare deck pad is included!

Deflated, the board rolls into a compact bundle that is easy to pack for the weekend, stow in the garage or transport in the trunk of your car. The WEEKENDER is available in blue, green, gray and black. Like any surfboard and SUP, you don’t want to leave it in a hot vehicle or under direct sunlight for prolonged periods, whether it’s inflated or deflated. Don’t worry – it comes with a care and instruction manual, too!

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What do you wear for paddle boarding?

Always dress comfortably. Wear stuff that lets you move freely and can get wet while still affording protection from the elements. You should always wear a well-fitting personal floatation device (PFD)!

Where and how do you stand on a SUP?

You stand with feet shoulder-width apart facing the nose with your back to the tail. Stand in this position just behind the mid-center point of the board. Find the balancing point where the nose doesn’t pop out of the water and the tail doesn’t dig in.

Can you surf the WEEKENDER SUP?

Yes – it handles small, slow waves best. Surfing is different compared to flatwater paddling. Learn the rules and proper etiquette of surfing before you paddle out at the local break. Always share the waves and you’ll be in good SUP standing!


The Ten Toes 10-foot inflatable WEEKENDER Standup Paddle Board is an exceptional value for the affordable price. Considering it’s versatile uses in varying conditions, this is a great all-around SUP for beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers.

You can get paddling in no time with a lot less hassle than dealing with a traditional epoxy board. Finally, you can’t beat the outstanding reputation that Ten Toes has, or the great customer service they provide. Do you want some fun now? Don’t wait for the weekend – get a WEEKENDER!

Ten Toes Weekender
  • 10/10
    Quality Made - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Stability - 10/10
  • 7/10
    Speed - 7/10
  • 5/10
    Maneuverability - 5/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10