5 Best Costco Beach Chairs

We all love spending some real time at the beach when we get a chance. Spending that time with the family can be the best thing someone can do.


However, you should consider one crucial thing so that your family feels comfortable at the beach. The kind of chair you take to the beach is essential. Check out these top five beach chairs available at Costco.

Coleman Oversized Chair

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

With the Coleman Quad Chair, you can enjoy a cold drink at BBQ, picnic or campsite.

The cooler is built into the armrest, and it can hold four cans, and you can easily access a cold drink when the one in mesh cup holder finishes.

While you enjoy your beverage, the head cushion ensures that you are comfortable.

This chair comes with side pockets to store some snacks, magazine, and book when you wish to have your hands free.

When you have enjoyed the time at the beach, and it’s time to head back home, the chair folds up with ease and fit into a carry bag for storage and transportation.

  • Built-in cooler that holds four cans
  • Carry bag for storage and transportation
  • Mesh cup holder ensures that you have a fifth drink
  • Storage pocket for keeping personal items
  • Durable construction and sturdy frame that supports weight of up to 300 pounds
  • ​Adjustable armrest
  • Compact such that it can fit into most trunks

Quik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair

Quik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair

Feel comfortable and protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays with Quik Shade Camp Chair.

The new ergonomic design offers an improved large shade.

The shade canopy provides an adjustable tension that keeps the mechanism working for a long time.

This chair comes with a side pouch and cup holders for extra convenience. Storing is easy, and it has a carry bag which has shoulder straps for transportation.

  • The dimensions are 22.8in.x22.8in.x51.6inch when assembled and are 18.5 inches from the ground
  • Weigh 9 lbs.
  • Shade lowers, tilts and raises without extra adjustments for efficient sun protection
  • Stain and water resistant 300x600D polyester fabric
  • Two mesh cup and fabric holders

Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Chair

Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Chair

Enjoy the comfort at the BBQ, picnic or campsite with the Broadband Chair.

During hot days, the mesh back lets the breeze cool you as you enjoy your favorite drink from the armrest holder.

It is lightweight yet supports 250 lbs. with its steel construction.

If it’s time to head back home, the portable chair effortlessly folds up and fit into a bag for carrying which can be carried over the shoulder for easy carrying to the motor vehicle.

  • It's folded measurements are 5.5inx5.9in.x35.4inch
  • Compact and can fit into most trunks
  • Durable steel frame can support 250 pounds
  • Cup holder at arm rest that keeps the drink close
  • Nylon mesh back that offer cooling comfort
  • Comes with a sling bag to ease transportation
  • A limited warranty of one year

Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs

Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs

Enjoy your time while you relax with this camping chair which features stable holders, portable package, and ergonomic design.

Weighs 2 pounds and can hold up to 2421 lbs. It’s roomy, sturdy, convenient, supportive and comfortable.

It’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, picnic and camping and also for home users.

Whether you would like to rest on the way, enjoy the beach views or fish by the river or lake, the Moon Lence portable chair offer you a comfortable place you can relax.

  • Weigh 2 lbs. And holds 242 pounds
  • 1000D Oxford cloth is used to make the seat, and the frame is made from aluminum alloy of high strength hence high durability
  • Ergonomic and unique seat design offer the best relaxation
  • Extensible metal poles and foldable mesh makes the setting up and folding down easy

Quik Chair Folding Quad Camp

Quik Chair Heavy Duty Folding Camp Chair

Sit and relax anywhere with this camping chair. It sets up within seconds and perfect for the beach, park, camping and any other place you prefer.

It comes with a durable steel frame which is designed with oversized back and seat for maximum stability and comfort which can last for years of picnics, tailgating, campfires, and barbecues.

When you are ready to head back home, this chair can easily fold up and fit a carry bag. It comes with this carry bag, and it has a shoulder strap for transportability and convenience.

It comes with armrest and mesh cup holder and therefore keeps drinks close. It has a strong polyester construction that is moisture and stain resistant, and it’s easy to clean. When assembled, it measures 20.5in.x34in.x35.5in.

The seat is 18” from the ground and can support 225 pounds, yet it weigh only 5 lbs.

  • Portable armchair that comes with cooling mesh back and seat
  • The strong polyester fabric is stain and water resistant
  • Durable steel frame which can support weights of up to 225 pounds
  • Comes with a mesh cup holder and a carry bag with shoulder strap
  • Weigh 5 lbs.


How big is Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler and what’s the height when folded up?

The chair is seven pounds and fold up to about 3 feet high.

What is the maximum holding capacity for the Quik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair?

It can hold up to 225 pounds. That’s the rated maximum weight

Does the Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Chair come with a carry bag?

Yes, it does.

Is the Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs washable?

Yes, you can wash the top seat cover may be washed


To enjoy the time at the beach, you need the right items such as good SPF, swimsuit and the most important – a comfortable beach chair. Just like any other product, you need to consider certain things before purchasing a beach chair. Such factors include portability, availability of back support, and height off the ground, available space, available shade and extras.

If your home is far from the beach, you would need a portable beach chair. Perhaps you need a folding chair to start with since they are lightweight and stackable. However, carrying them can be cumbersome. You would need a chair with shoulder strap and bag.

Beach chairs are of a different variety and come in various heights. Some like staying low to the ground and select seats with short legs or someone prefer those without legs.

Do you prefer a seat with a cover? This seat will not only reduce the number of items carried to the beach but also eliminate the need to buy a shade-bearing extra such as a shelter or beach umbrella.

Beach chairs come with several extras. These include the side pockets to keep your books, cup holders for drinks and headrest to offer extra cushion.

Different people would prefer different features for their beach chairs. However, most people would prefer certain features to be available. Considering this, then the Quik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair will be a perfect choice for most people.