The Sharkbanz Review

If you’re a surfer or ocean enthusiast who has a rational fear of sharks, as most of us do, reading our Sharkbanz review might just change how you view your safety in the water.

Any scientist will tell you that a shark attack is an extremely rare phenomenon, though a possible one nonetheless.


The thing is, whenever you put yourself in the territory of another predatory animal, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to steer clear of them or protect yourself in the case of an attack.

Unfortunately, the idea of that gives people major anxiety and stops many from wanting to enter the water at all.

Enter the idea of shark repellents, and more specifically, Sharkbanz.

Sharkbanz makes a claim that by wearing their product, you can decrease the likelihood of a shark attack with magnetic incorporation.

You're probably asking yourself the obvious question“Could I really defend the most dangerous ocean predator with a measly magnet?” We’re here to give you that answer.

Product Line Review

Sharkbanz 2

sharkbanz 2

Sharkbanz 2 is the second and newest iteration in the line of Sharkbanz bracelets. It’s essentially an upgrade that stems from the technology of the first one.

While the science is complex, the theory is simple. Sharks use electro-receptors to hunt their prey while the Sharkbanz 2 bracelet emits an electro-magnetic signal that is much stronger than any natural creature of the ocean. This signal, produced up to 6 feet, disrupts the shark with an annoying, bright light-like sensation, so that it turns away.

The Sharkbanz 2 bracelet is made out a silicone material that can be worn around your wrist or ankle, and has been upgraded to be much more comfortable than its predecessor. The stainless steel buckle has also been upgraded for better clamp durability.

The look of the new Sharkbanz 2 is much sleeker as well and kind of gives off the vibe of an Apple Watch. Don’t worry you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety!

Modom Shark Leash

Modom Shark Leash Featuring Sharkbanz Technology

As with the Sharkbanz and Sharkbanz 2, there is not a lot of research on the Modom Shark Leash. According to the company, they just recently put out a test using a fake leg and some raw meat with and without the Modom Leash. When the leg had it on, the sharks fled, when it didn’t, that leg was shark food.

Obviously, we can’t speak for the legitimacy of the rumor, though looking at the number of pro surfers such as Kelly Slater, who is now repping the Modom Shark Leash, there’s some potential magic at work. The Modom Shark Leash is essentially a regular surf leash with Sharkbanz technology built in. This is a perfect one-and-done solution to keep your board and your leg in the case of shark attack. While it may be a bit bulkier than other leashes that you’re used to, it’s still incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can also interchange the Sharkbanz portion with other Modom leashes if the leash part ever wears.

With shark repellent technology, as well as all the other characteristics of a high-quality leash such as rotating stainless steel anti-rust swivels, a detachable rail saver, an internal key pocket, and much more, this is a one-of-a-kind surf leash that you really can’t get anywhere else.


Sharkbanz review

The original Sharkbanz came out in 2015 and looked much more like a toy than a serious piece of repellent technology. Other than the differences mentioned above, the Sharkbanz and Sharkbanz 2 are essentially the same thing.

The Sharkbanz has lower magnetic power, is a bit cheaper now that it has been out for a while, and doesn’t have as strong a strap. Basically what we’re saying is, if you’re going to purchase a Sharkbanz product, you should definitely go for the new and improved version.

That being said, both are very lightweight at only 3oz., they both don’t require any sort of batteries or charging (they are always running), they both utilize electro-magnetic technology based on shark research, and they both fit universally.

Hippo Sweat Sunscreen

Hippo Sweat Sun Screen review

Hippo Sweat Sunscreen came from the fact that Hippos can stand all day in the bright sun without getting a nasty red burn like us humans. They’re not covered in hair, so scientists began asking, “How is this possible?” It turns out that their sweat is the thing that protects them, hence the name for Hippo Sweat’s product.

Hippo Sweat comes in two different 1oz containers: 1 for the full body and 1 for the face. It is a mix of zinc oxide, titanium oxide, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa powder, and a number of other skin protecting ingredients. It has a number of characteristics that make it very friendly as well. It contains only vegan ingredients, is reef safe, and is totally natural, meaning eco-friendly. While it is rated 24spf, it has been said to work over a broad spectrum of sunlight, and also stays on really nicely when in the water.

Gentle yet tough, Hippo Sweat Sunscreen has really been on our radar this past year and we love what they are doing for sun protection. We guess the only thing that is left is to collect actual sweat from hippos. Wouldn’t that smell delicious?

Sharkbanz V Sharkshield

The major difference between Sharkshield and Sharkbanz is that Sharkshield uses an electrical repellent while Sharkbanz uses magnetic repellent. While we do believe that Sharkbanz has its own effective qualities, Sharkshield is said to be far more effective. That being said, it also comes at a much heftier price.

Made for divers and surfers alike, the unit is made to wrap around your ankle. It is made to be more effective than the Sharkbanz because the deterring electrodes travel throughout the length of the 2-meter cord and are emitted much further. There have been a few successful and unsuccessful tests with Sharkshield, a lot of the variables being the type of shark and status of the device. One of the main qualms with Sharkshield is that it must be charged prior to use.

If you have the money, we would recommend the Sharkshield device over the Sharkbanz. Keeping that in mind, neither have been proven to be 100% effective, though both can help in giving piece of mind to those who want to stay as safe as possible from the probability of a shark attack.

Sharkbanz 1 v Sharkbanz 2

So Sharkbanz has learned quite a bit since they first released their first Sharkbanz bracelet back in 2015. When they first put out Sharkbanz 1, it was incredibly inexpensive for what it was. They seemed to learn that fairly quickly, and slashed the price nearly in half when creating the Sharkbanz 2.

While the Sharkbanz 1 can still be purchased used around the web for much cheaper, we would highly recommend picking up the Sharkbanz 2 for many reasons. First of all, the electro-magnetic field is much stronger than its predecessor, meaning the device has a higher probability in actually deterring a shark in the case of an attack. Secondly, the Sharkbanz 2 looks much better in our opinion. Yes it used to come in a bright little pink and blue that might have been fun for those with colorful personalities, though the black looks much more sleek and serious and less like a toy.  Lastly, the materials themselves have been majorly upgraded. The silicone band is much stronger, the clasp is now stronger as well with a durable magnetic chasis to stop any rust from forming, and the band is a ton more comfortable because of the shape.

If you’re planning on buying a Sharkbanz product, you should definitely go for the Sharkbanz 2 over the Sharkbanz 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sharkbanz protect against Great White Sharks?

When Sharkbanz was performing a lot of their testing, they tried out the Sharkbanz with an array of different predatory sharks such as Bull Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, and Great White Sharks. The first two, they found success with in some cases, while The Great Whites did not flinch a bit. This is due to the fact that Great Whites hunt a bit differently than their shark cousins. They attack their prey at incredibly high speeds from long ways away. The point we’re making is that, even though a Sharkbanz band could theoretically disrupt their electro-receptors in events where they were roaming, they move too fast to their prey for it to have any true effect before they got to it. So yes, if a Great White Shark was wandering aimlessly and your Sharkbanz magnet happened to get to it, it would probably leave. That being said, if it knew you were prey, your Sharkbanz would be no match. At this point, scientists have yet to find a deterrent solution for Great Whites.

Should I purchase more than one?

Because it can be worn on both wrists and both ankles, you definitely have the ability to wear more than one. More Sharkbanz bracelets equals more electro-magnetic signal, which in turn means more protection from sharks. So while strapping 4 of these on your body may be a little kooky and overkill, it will definitely do a better job at protecting you. The signals don’t interfere with each other either so there doesn’t have to be fear of screwing anything up.

What size Sharkbanz should I get?

The beauty of Sharkbanz is that they come in a universal size. Not only does this make purchasing either, but it also makes them more eco-friendly, as every Sharkbanz that they create has the potential to get used without return because of it being too big or small. The strap is long enough to fit over wide wrists and ankles and can be strapped down far enough to fit on the small wrists or ankles of a 5-year old kid.

Is electro-magnetism the best way to deter a shark?

There are multiple shark repellent devices on the market that use different means of repelling. Besides Sharkbanz and its electro-magnetic technology, we have Sharkshield with electrical signals, SharkStopper with its acoustic technology, and Anti-Shark with its spray technology. Again, none of these are 100% effective, nor do they have substantial or long studies behind them. It totally comes down to preference and what you believe to be the most reputable. There are many pro claims about the electrical and electro-magnetic shark repellent devices, so we would recommend picking up those two if any.

Can I travel on an airplane with Sharkbanz?

Many people think because it has a strong electro-magnetic signal that it might mess with the electronics on an airplane. You’ll be happy to know that Sharkbanz is absolutely airplane safe. That being said, when you travel, make sure to put the Sharkbanz in the protective case that it comes with, as it is built with a magnetic shielding to add extra protection. Sharkbanz also recommends not using things such as laptops, phones, or other electronic devices, when you have your Sharkbanz bracelet on your wrist.

Does this deter any other animals?

Sharkbanz has been proven to deter other predatory-like animals such as stingrays, as well as other animals that use electro-magnetic receptors to search for their prey. In terms of animal that don’t use that type of hunting technique, they such as dolphins, turtles, and other fish, the Sharkbanz won’t even bother them.

Can I dive with my Sharkbanz?

Sharkbanz wasn’t really made for diving, as its components are unpressurized. It’s rated for up to 100M, though we would definitely recommend getting a Sharkshield if you want something built for that kind of pressure.

Is it durable against the elements?

Make sure that you wash your Sharkbanz bracelet after every ocean session. Salt water, sand, and other oceanic elements, will eat away at almost anything if enough time goes by. If you wash it off with clean water after every use and store it out of direct sunlight, as with most any other surf product, your Sharkbanz bracelet should last you a very long time.  

So in conclusion, is Sharkbanz worth the purchase?

Absolutely! We believe that it is important to be as safe as possible in the water. While shark attacks are very rare, they are quite spine tingling when you actually hear about one occurring. Having one on can help overcome your fear of getting into the water as well with an added layer of safety. The ocean is dangerous, but so is the rest of the world. We still have to get out and enjoy it for all the beauty it holds. Just like gorillas, lions, and even pigeons, sharks are wild and unpredictable creatures. Just like any animal, if you get into their territory, they’ll want to sniff around and see what you’re doing. The only true way to 100% effectively protect yourself from a shark attack would be to get rid of sharks all together, though obviously we would never want to do that. We compare wearing a Sharkbanz bracelet to wearing a life vest. It’s going to help decrease the likelihood of a shark attack like the life vest would reduce the likeliness of drowning. Neither is ever going to be 100% effective. In all, if you want to reduce the risk of danger and turn your time in the ocean into a happier and more care-free experience, we would highly recommend picking up a Sharkbanz bracelet!