Spikeball Review

If you’re looking for a sweet summer game that’s bound to make for a good time whether at the beach or camping, you should keep reading our ultimate Spikeball review!

There’s nothing quite like hanging out outdoors on a beautiful summer day. Who doesn’t love to kick back with a couple beers and a couple brews while having some fun under the sun?


We definitely do, and when we hang, we love to play Spikeball! With the thousands of quirky and unique outdoor games on the market, it’s pretty easy for many of them to get lost in the chaos.

That being said, if you’ve been on a college campus or popular beach in the past year, there’s no doubt you’ve seen a fast-paced game of Spikeball going down. There’s a reason why the trend with this game is so strong, and we’re here to tell you more!

The Review



Spikeball Pro Kit:

  • Spikeball Pro Net
  • 2 Spikeball Pro Balls
  • Official Serving Line
  • Portable Ball Pump and Gauge
  • Backpack
  • 1 Free Registration to a Spikeball Tournament


  • Unique and original outdoor game
  • Balls are durable and high-quality
  • Foldable trampoline legs
  • Sturdy trampoline
  • Professional tournaments
  • Simple setup


  • Can’t replace net if it breaks
  • Must be athletic to play
  • Max 4 players so not suitable for large groups

  • How To Play

    If you have ever played volleyball or foursquare getting ahold of the game will be super easy. Spikeball is typically played two-on-two with teams getting three spikes, layups, or touches, to return the ball to the other team.

    Rather than hitting it over a net like you would in volleyball, you’re instead spiking it onto a small net that bounces over to your opponent.

    Because the ball is small and can move in any direction, players are allowed to move freely around the trampoline.

    For typical match rules, teams will play to 21 and must be ahead by 2 for a win.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is up with the Spikeball tournaments?

    The Spikeball Tour Series hosts tournaments all over the US with over 1000 teams playing. There are 4 different divisions: Women’s, Intermediate, Advanced, and Premier. Now obviously women are allowed to sign up for any division, Spikeball is just trying to help grow the demographic. The tournaments will typically be held for one day at a time with 7 or 8 teams that begin playing in the morning and are championed by the afternoon. Every event differs so it depends on which one you sign up for. Spikeball has also made it so you can sign up with them to host your own tournament. This is excellent if you’re part of a community that doesn’t have a large Spikeball population. Simply go to spikeballroundnet.com to find out more!

    Where do you play Spikeball?

    From beaches to college campuses to backyard BBQs, it is possible to play Spikeball just about anywhere that you can find a wide enough space and flat terrain to place the net down on!

    What kind of material are the balls made out of?

    The balls are made out of a safe non-phthalate PVC. They are silicone and latex free!

    How many different Spikeball sets are there?

    There are 6 different kits that are available for purchase:

    • Spikeball Pro Kit
    • Road to Victory Bundle
    • Combo Meal Spikeball Kit
    • Spikeball Rookie Kit
    • Spikeball XL Kit
    • Spikeball Kit

    Each of them has their own benefits. The Spikeball Pro Kit is great for those who want to begin playing competitively and comes with pro ball. The Road to Victory Bundle comes with 11 regular balls and 2 glow-in-the-dark balls. The Combo Meal Kit comes with 3 regular balls and a drawstring bag.

    The Rookie kit is best for younger kids and comes with a bigger ball and a 50% bigger net. If you still want the bigger net, but smaller ball, the XL kit is best! Lastly, the OG Spikeball kit is essentially the same as the Combo Meal Kit, though comes with only one Spikeball.


    Spikeball is easily one of our favorite outdoor games for summertime and beyond. It gets your blood moving and is fun people of all ages. Bring it to the beach and BBQ and people will be having fun in no time!

    The cool thing is, the rules are very simple and people will be able to get the hang of it right away so there is no lag time in trying to explain it.

    We’ve seen it be a total hit with kids and adults alike. If you’re a fan of volleyball, tennis, Badminton, or any other net-bearing game, this is awesome portable alternative that can give you something fresh and new to play!

    If you’re ready to try out a game that is a little different, Spikeball is certainly a great start!

    There are many phonies around the Internet trying to sell of fake Spikeball sets, so be sure to visit their official website so that you can make sure you’re taking home a legitimate game. Have fun!

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