Best Surfing Gloves, The Ultimate List

Surfing in the sun of a beautiful summer’s day is one of the most easy going things for the avid surfer.

It requires no more work than throwing on a bikini or a pair of trunks to get out there in the water. But what happens when the water gets below 50°F?...


...Obviously surfing in cold water isn’t impossible, but it can be a huge hassle.

Luckily, with the huge expansion of surfing technology in the past decade, an array companies have developed products to help keep you warm when the waves get chilly.

If you’re looking to surf this winter, we highly recommend you check out our list of some of the best surfing gloves on the market.

Read below to see our list! 

The Five Best Choices

#1 CHOICE - O'Neill 1.5mm & 3mm Psycho Double Lined Glove 

5 Star Editorial Rating!

Though the bulky wrist seal might make it a bit harder to get on and off, it will protect you from water like no other!

These gloves come in 1.5mm and 3mm sizes using the UltraFlex DS Neoprene that O’Neill is so famous for. No doubt that these gloves are also ultra durable.

 The grip on these bad boys is just as good as your hand, so much so that you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them.

Providing excellent stretch, sealed protection, and a great dexterity, the O’Neill Pyscho Double Lined Glove is a premium choice for hitting those freezing waters.

If the Psycho Double Lined Glove seems like the perfect match, click below to find out more:

Neosport 3mm & 5mm Neoprene Glove 

With the 3 and 5mm neoprene design and thickness, you would think these gloves would be stiff, bulky, and uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, they have an excellent fit and mesh really well to any hand.

The durable high grip palm makes it easy to hold on to your board and the glued and sewn seams help to keep out as much water as possible.

The neoprene that Neosport uses is extremely high quality and will keep you surfing warm and comfortably for many winters to come.

The gator elastic hook and wrist closure help to keep the gloves from slipping off your hands into the abyss of the ocean.

If the Neosport Neoprene Glove seems like the perfect match, click below to find out more:

Hyperflex Men's 3mm & 5mm Access Glove   

A sleek looking, ultra flexible warm and cold-water glove, the Hyperflex Access Glove has a 3mm and 5mm 100% neoprene design with a Hexgrip Palm that provides traction on boards.

The closed-wrist design makes these perfect in terms of superior insulation and warmth.

The seams are 100% sealed, glued and blind stitched making them super durable as well. These are absolutely cost effective gloves that will allow you to surf simply and functionally.

If the Hyperflex Access Glove seems like the perfect match, click below to find out more:

H2Odyssey Max 2mm Webbed Paddle Glove  

With its 2mm Lycra back and Sharkskin palm, the H2Odyssey Max Webbed Paddle Gloves are easily the most unique gloves on our list.

In being webbed surfing gloves, they enable a surfer to paddle more powerfully with strokes that allows the board to shoot further with less energy.

The sticky PVC coating gives these gloves an excellent grip as well!

The gloves are made to be comfortable, flexible, and extremely effective in taking surfing and paddling to the next level.

The Velcro strap, though somewhat easy to tear or grabby on your fabric, will make sure the gloves stay on tight.

If the H2Odyssey Max Webbed Paddle Glove seems like the perfect match, click below to find out more:

Rip Curl Flash Bomb 5/3 or 3/2 5 Finger Glove  

Separate from the rest of the gloves on the list, the Rip Curl Finger Glove Flash Bomb lining adds another level of warmth that only Rip Curl can provide.

There is a tacky grip formed into the palm, that though may seem stiff to the eye, will keep grip without sacrificing flexibility.

In fact, the quick-dry neoprene moves and molds with you so you can stay as flexible as possible with a 100% stretch design.

These gloves are a bit different in that they’re built for water a bit warmer than 50°F, though still help you retain maximum warmth in the correct water temperatures.

With the sealed and liquid taped seams, you can’t go wrong with these gloves!

If the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Finger Glove seems like the perfect match, click below to find out more:


How can I make sure that my gloves are the right size?

You’ll want to make sure that your gloves have a very tight fit, as they will expand once you hit the water. Realizing that your hand is basically floating inside your glove with a ton of cold water is just about the worst thing after spending money on these things. Having gloves that are too big will make it more difficult to paddle, as well as defeating the purpose of warmth.

What are some of the best qualities I can find in a surfing glove?

Typically, you’ll find gloves that are made out of neoprene just like their wetsuit counterparts. Neoprene is a stretchy water resistant material that will fit around your hand the best. If it’s not neoprene, don’t expect it to keep out the cold as well as the rest. You’ll also want to find a glove with a thickness between 3mm and 5mm if you’re surfing much colder water. The thicker the warmer, though thicker gloves usually leave you with numb hands. In terms of seams, blind stitched or liquid taped are the absolute best. These types of seams are completely waterproof and will help glove leakage stay minimal.

What kind of length should I look for in my gloves?

You’ll want to make sure that your gloves are longer so that you can tuck them under your wetsuit sleeves to help keep the water out. Shorter ones can slip out from the arms of your wetsuit more easily and fill up with cold water, totally defeating their purpose. Try and look for gloves with a strap too if you are worried about that slip.

Is it possible to wash my neoprene gloves if they start to get nasty?

Absolutely, though you’ll want to hand wash it the same way you would wash most of your delicate clothing. First you want to make sure you rinse all the dirt off before soaking in either a special neoprene cleaner or a common cleaning solution such as detergent. Never throw your gloves in a dryer! Make sure you hang them up out of direct sunlight to let them air dry.