Viper Fins Review

When it comes to serious bodysurfing or bodyboarding, Viper Fins come to mind. These surfing fins were designed to put cutting edge technology into powerful and seamless motion when riding a wave. If you are an intermediate to advanced bodysurfer or bodyboarder looking for the best high performance fins, you’ve come to the right place.

Viper Fins combines premium quality American rubber compounds with the scientific precision that comes with creating the Viper patented blade design. No other fin has beaten the Viper in the areas of speed, thrust, maneuverability and control. Even the pros like 9-time world champ Mike Stewart and Fred Simpson claim that Vipers are the strongest and most durable surfing fins in the world.


The Video Below is Jeff Hubbard, legendary pro bodyboarder, ripping with his Viper fins.



Comparison Table

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Viper Vector

Viper Vector V5 Fins

The Viper Vector V5 is the ultimate all purpose fin. It can be used for bodysurfing, bodyboarding and even lifeguarding. Its traditional 5-inch blade was precisely designed to slant from the rails toward a tapered tip, which provides the fins with the ability to accelerate quicker than the average fin. It is made of lightweight rubber material, which makes it highly maneuverable no matter what you are doing in the water.


  • 5 inch blade
  • Patented design
  • High maneuverability
  • Superior tracking
  • Available in Black or Hi-viz Yellow







Viper Vector V5 Flex Fins

The Viper Vector V5 Flex is almost the same as the V5, except that it was tailored to have a more flexible blade. It boasts of the same patented 5-inch blade shape with slanted rails and a narrower tip than the average surfing fin. The V5 Flex was invented to provide easier kicks at quicker speeds, while also squeezing out the tightest spins and turns.

V5 Viper Flex Model review


  • 5 inch blade
  • Patented design
  • High maneuverability
  • Superior tracking
  • More flexible blade
  • Available in Grey or Hi-viz Orange




Viper Vector V7 Fins

The Viper Vector V7 is a full size fin set built for maximum power and stronger thrusts. The tapered and slanted rail shape akin to the V5 provides the fastest prolonged speed in the water and also offers unbeatable wave stability. All because of its patented 7-inch blade design. The longer fin produces a more stable and more powerful kick. If you get to try the V7 in the water, you’ll know exactly what this means.


Viper Vector V7 Fins review


  • Recommended for big waves
  • 7 inch blade
  • Patented design
  • Highly stable
  • Deeper and longer kicks
  • Available in Black or Hi-viz Yellow





MS Viper

MS Vipers are highly regarded by 9-time World Champion Bodyboarder Mike Stewart as the best fins on the market for bodyboarding. If a fin can live up to the standards of the man who became the Pipe Bodysurfing Champion 15 times in his lifetime, then you’ll know that the MS Vipers mean serious surfing and nothing else.

“They give me great thrust on both the downward and upward kick for rapid acceleration for take offs. The shape of the fins’ hull gives me the best control and speed through the wave” quoted from the renowned world champ himself.







Mike Stewart Viper Fins – Yellow & Orange Dot

The Yellow & Orange Dot fins were designed by Mike Stewart to provide the ultimate surfing experience to any rider. Years of first-hand wave-riding experience, as well as scientific research for better high performance functionality, have gone into the design and construction of these fins.

The MS Vipers are shorter, faster and softer than the average surfing fins. Its rivet grip design also provides more traction in slippery jump-off points, rocky edges, and they won’t snag in corals or other pointed objects. The less you have to think about other things, the more assured you would be of your own performance.


Yellow Dot

Made of 100% rubber, the Yellow Dot will float no matter what, making them easy to spot in case they get dislodged or lost. They have a wider and shorter blade than other fins so that the surfer can enjoy added acceleration at quicker speeds. There’s no wonder why these bad boys made our best bodyboard fins list on our bodyboard fins homepage.


Mike Stewart Viper Fins Yellow Dot Review



Orange Dot

The Orange Dot is almost exactly the same fin as the Yellow Dot, except that it feels softer than its yellow counterpart. Its rubber quality provides a springier and looser kick in both the down stroke and the up stroke in a wave because softer rubber means a quicker kick.


Mike Stewart Viper Fins orange dot review


  • 100% natural rubber
  • Easy to spot when lost
  • Wider and shorter blade for extra acceleration
  • Drainage holes for grit and sand
  • Beveled side rails for ease and control
  • Rivet grip traction for better grip


Mike Stewart Delta Viper Fins

Just when you thought the world’s best bodyboarding fin couldn’t get any better, think again. After the MS Viper, Mike Stewart designed the Delta Viper Fins to be an asymmetrically shaped fin set built specifically for bodyboarding. Its asymmetrical shape provides a more powerful kick with the least amount of drag in the water. Once you catch a wave, be prepare for speed unlike anything else you’ve felt before.

The yellow markings on the inner side of the fin indicate an area where the water is directed and released, thus creating a more controlled flow for the rider. The inner rail is then made with a stiffer material, which gives your big toe more control and a more enhanced flow while riding a wave.


Mike Stewart Delta Viper Review


  • Unique asymmetrical shape
  • Made of superior rubber
  • High floatability or buoyancy
  • Easy to spot when lost
  • Can survive the roughest surf conditions
  • Built for intermediate to advanced bodysurfers and bodyboarders







No matter what type of fins you get, remember that they should feel comfortable when you wear them. You don’t want fins that are too loose or too tight as both will obstruct your performance.

Whether you are looking for the best possible fins for bodysurfing, bodyboarding or lifeguarding, choose Viper fins that will suit your skill level and the conditions of your surf break.