The Top 5 Boat Covers

So, you’ve come up in the world, and now you’ve made your first significant investment: a shiny new boat. While your boat did cost you a pretty penny, you imagine it’s going to be worth it.


Unfortunately, you’re not always going to be on your boat to protect your new investment. You’re going to need something that’s going to keep your boat looking like it does the day you first laid eyes on it. You’re going to need something that will keep the sun, the wind, the rain, and the occasional animal from taking your boat from a hero into a zero. You’re going to need to cover your boat.

Not having a boat cover is a recipe for disaster. Whether you shelter it inside a boathouse or carport, place it under a canopy, or have a fitted waterproof cover, there are plenty of options for you.

The 5 Best Bets

Abba Patio 10x20 ft. Heavy Duty Beige Carport

The size of this movable carport makes it suitable to shelter a boat from the elements.

Aside from your boat, you can use this when large storage is necessary.

  • check
    Zipped front flap
  • check
    Polyethylene cover
  • check
    Can be set up on any surface
  • check
    Provides sufficient all-weather protection

Powder-coated frames are rust and corrosion resistant; the structure is sturdy enough to provide protection from the elements.

ShelterLogic 12 x 28 x 8 ft. Peak Frame Garage Shelter

Smaller than the Peak Frame Garage Shelter, this canopy allows more shade than other models.

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    Heavy duty 2” diameter for shelter poles
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    Available in 8 leg frame
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    Fully waterproof
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    Valance polyethylene cover with rip-stop construction

Shade provides additional protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Slip-together wedged tubing makes for easy setup.

King Canopy 10 x 27 ft. Universal Canopy

​The patented fitted white drawstring cover has UV inhibitors, and is fire retardant, and water resistant.

Anecdotal evidence has this canopy standing up to 30mph winds.

The patented fitted white drawstring cover has UV inhibitors, and is fire retardant, and water resistant.Anecdotal evidence has this canopy standing up to 30mph winds.

Classic Accessories Typhoon Waterproof Boat Cover

From fish and ski boats, pro-style bass boats, to V-hull runabouts and boats with sterndrive, this boat cover is going to do the job.

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    Rain, snow, and mildew resistant
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    Integrated strap with elastic hem cord makes for a custom fit
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    Vents make sure moisture never gets trapped inside
  • check
    Trailering straps let you take the boat on the road

Integrated strap systems mean that you won’t be dependent on incompatible third-party tie downs.

Rear air vents allow wind to flow while on the trailer and lets the boat dry out.

A support pole makes sure that any protruding features on your boat stay protected.


Is rain and water damage really that bad?

Boat covers protect the instrument panels and your boat’s deck from the elements. Rain can eat away at that instrument panel and compromise your safety. If you keep your boat on the water, exposure to rain can also ruin your batteries. If you keep your boat up on the trailer and fresh water gets in, say hello to dry rot and goodbye to your boat.

Should I keep my boat out in the sun, then?

Even when it’s sunny, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause some serious damage to your boat’s deck and paint, making it deteriorate and fade. Although a weathered look can be appealing in general, we’re pretty sure that doesn’t apply to boats.

Is there anything else I should worry about?

If you keep your boat that close to nature, boat covers are a necessity in dealing with birds from leaving droppings that can ruin your deck and in dealing with leaves that can rot and turn into lethal mold factories. Aside from that funky smell, mold spores can cause some serious health issues. If the mold infestation gets too bad, it can completely ruin your boat.

Boat covers are also meant to help protect your boat as it’s being towed. If you take your boat out of the water and keep it in the garage, that means your boat is eventually going onto your trailer and hitting the road. An uncovered boat out on a trailer puts your boat at risk for wind damage while out on tow.

Is fit that important when it comes to boat covers?

You’re going to want to make sure the fit is snug with your new boat cover. If the fit is too tight, that can warp the cover and cause the fabric to stretch in unintended ways - that allows water to come in. If the cover is way too loose, that allows rainwater to collect and puddle. Eventually, that water can seep into the boat and ruin the reason for the cover in the first place.

To find what size cover fits your boat, measure your boat in a straight line from bow to stern. Add some length for other things that need to be covered, like swim platforms and motors. Measure the boat’s beam width as a straight line. That should ensure the fit is exactly what you need.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an old boat hand, you already know these things. That’s why you’re looking for a boat cover that’s going to do the job, without breaking the bank.

Custom boat covers can be quite expensive, and off-the-shelf boat covers do the job just as well. Just make sure that you’ve set your rig up properly, and your boat should receive the protection you need for years to come.