Hydro Force Caspian Review

If you’re a fan of inflatable boating products, there’s no doubt that you’ll be a fan of our Bestway Hydro Force Caspian Review.

Inflatable boats are seemingly becoming more and more popular and we’re seeing more of them on the lake every summer. 


For starters, they cost a whole heck of a lot less than traditional boats, yet they still provide a way to conquer the waters.

They’re also very easy to use and are extremely durable; lasting consumers a lifetime from the time they purchase one. Anybody can use an inflatable boat too.

Whatever your age, you can easily take one of these out for a day of fishing or catching some Z’s. While there are hundreds of these inflatable boats on the market, one that has largely caught our attention is the Hydro Force Caspian.

With durability, portability, and versatility, this is one superb inflatable boat for the price.

Before you dive in and begin throwing your money at Hydro Force, check out our review to see if the Caspian is the right vessel for you.

The Review

Hydro Force Caspian


  • 7’7” in length
  • Marine Grade Plywood Floor Boards
  • High-Density Nylon PVC Chambers
  • 2-Adult Capacity
  • Weight Capacity of 568lbs


  • Marine Grade Plywood Floor
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Lightweight for size
  • Tough PVC vinyl build
  • Comes with everything you need to get started


  • Kind of small for two grown adults
  • No pressure gauge
Caspian on Shore
Hydro Caspian Top View
Hydro Caspian Ride

Features and Benefits

The length of this boat is just enough for two people to comfortable explore the waters, but also short enough for it to be easily maneuverable, unlike some of Hydro Force’s larger models. Even with the 569lb capacity, the boat itself is incredibly light at just over 50lbs. Even little kids can easily take the Caspian out in the water and not struggle to move it around. The one bench in the middle can make for a perfect loveseat if you’re rolling out with your partner, as well as a practical seat for your paddling buddy to sit right next to you. For more room, you can easily remove the seat too.

The Caspian is made to be durable. Just like many of Hydro Force’s higher-tier inflatable boats, the Caspian is made out of a heavy gauge Nylon PVC material. This material allows the boat to be taken out on choppier waters and withstand the elements. Not only is the boat abrasion-resistant and can handle bumping into a few rocks here and there, it’s also UV-resistant and protected against chemical agents that might be present in the waters. The fact that it is constructed with two separate chambers gives it much better stability and buoyancy overall. We love the tail tubes too, as they provide even more stability than traditional inflatable boats.

The addition of the marine grade plywood on the floor is awesome. Many inflatable boats are difficult to stand up on because the floors are too soft. This can be a huge bummer, especially for fishermen who need to stand up to get a better vantage point of the water around them. While not like the hard deck of a traditional boat, the plywood certainly provides a bit more stability while still being easy to roll up and store.

Speaking of storage, that’s where the Hydro Force Caspian really shines. You can easily deflate this bad boy in minutes to save yourself tons of space. It rolls up and can be stored in a compact space in the back of any car, truck, or tiny, Harry Potter-style hall closet. Worried about blowing your lungs out trying to inflate this thing? You’ll be happy to know it won’t take anymore than 5 minutes if you’re using an electric pump. In the age of convenience, no one has time to be blowing into inflatable toys anymore.

The Hydro Force Caspian may not be the most accessory heavy boat in the world, but the accessories it does come with are perfect to get you started. The 2 aluminum oars are extremely lightweight and very easy to use. They may not be professional oars by any means, but they do provide a nice glide and flex as you move about the water. The pump that the boat comes with is a high-output manual pump, and while you can use it pretty efficiently, we would recommend using an electric pump to cut your inflating time in half. Lastly, the Caspian comes with a small repair kit in case you accidentally get a little leak during your expedition. The manual provides a step-by-step repair process that can be performed by just about anyone.

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Who is This Boat Perfect For?

This boat is perfect for a few different groups of people.

First off, we would recommend getting this for your kids if they want to learn how to boat around. Because of the small size and bench, it’s perfect for teaching your kids cooperation in rowing and navigation. It provides a lesson in working together all while being tons of fun to glide around in the water with.

Secondly, we would recommend it for couples, just because of the size. It’s not a party boat by any means, though could definitely work for a romantic little paddle around the lake at sunset with the loveseat-sized bench.

It’s definitely not made for larger people. If you’re above 6’ tall or over 200lbs, we would recommend looking for a larger craft. While it definitely has the capacity to support that kind of weight, it makes paddling around feel a bit more claustrophobic. It’s also not a great boat for those who want to do some serious ocean paddling. While it can definitely work as a taxi boat to get out to bigger boats that are sitting in the bay, you don’t want to catch yourself in major chop with this thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install a motor on this boat?

Absolutely! There is a motor mount that is built onto the back of the Caspian already, so all you’ll need to purchase is the motor. You can buy a trolling motor from just about any company, though you must make sure that you keep in mind a few specifications. The max power that you’ll want to get with a motor is 3HP. Anymore than that and you’ll be wobbling all over the place. It’s also recommended that you get a short shaft to use so that you’re not constantly scraping the bottom when you get to shore.

How do I care for my Hydro Force Caspian?

Caring for one of these boats is pretty easy, as the PVC vinyl is already strong enough to resist punctures or UV rays while you’re out on the water. The main thing that you’ll need to worry about is how you store your boat. You can store it inflated or deflated, though you never want to have anything heavy on top of it or sharp under it. Your best bet is to give it it’s own personal space in your closet or shed. You also never want to store it in direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can start to warp the boat and discolor it. Though not completely necessary, it’s always best to give it a little freshwater rinse after every use to get rid of the grime.

Can I bring my dog on the boat?

Many people fear that their dogs can puncture inflatable boats because of their claws. It’s nothing more than a common misconception. Your dog’s claws are no match for the tough material on the Hydro Force Caspian. Just make sure that you give your pup a little life jacket to keep him or her safe!

Does this boat have an inflatable keel?

Unfortunately, unlike the other Hydro Force models ​like the Mirovia, it does not. This may make the craft a bit harder to track, though it’s not a huge deal, as the boat isn’t very large to begin with.

Overall Review

For the price of this boat and the features it has, we have to give it an A+.

It’s an excellent inflatable boat for entry-level paddlers who are just looking to get out for a nice, relaxing time on the water.

We hope that our Bestway Hydro Force Caspian review has helped you to begin your inflatable adventure.

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Get out there this summer and have some fun!

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