5 Best Costco Wetsuits

Whether it’s an occasional recreational dive or a liveaboard with your friends during the summer, you should get the best wetsuits that meet your needs to have fun during diving activities.


Spending hours dropping in on waves can’t be a bad way to enjoy the day. But spending some hours in the water can lead to low body temperature which can reach hypothermic levels. If you don’t get the right gear, then you would have to stay in the water for a short time.

Wetsuits trap some water between the suit and your skin, and this regulates the temperature in the suit. If you get the best wetsuit, you can stay in the breakers for the whole day, and you can also keep searching for the perfect wave.

A well-designed wetsuit retains heat in the body and offers flexibility during maneuvers in the water. You won’t want to find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you are trying to keep yourself warm so that you may continue your maneuvers. Check out these amazing top 5 wetsuits which can be bought at Costco.

THe Top 5

Quiksilver Men’s Syncro

mens quicksilver wetsuit

For all the amazing features without incurring a huge cost, you won’t come across a better wetsuit than the Quiksilver Syncro.

The design involves combining FN-lite neoprene with Bio-fleece thermal lining.

This combination keeps you warmer for long, a strong YKK zip and GBS seams.

This wetsuit is the best choice for beginners who want to get out of surf shop and get in the water. A novice mind designed it.

  • 3/2 mm
  • Long sleeve steamer
  • Hydro-shield water barrier
  • Lightweight and durable
  • GBS seams to cut down on water entry
  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable neck closure
  • Exterior leg key pocket
  • 100% hyper stretch II neoprene for increased flexibility and less water absorption

O'Neill Wetsuits Women’s Hammer


O’Neill 3/2 mm hammer wetsuit is affordable and is designed to fit perfectly to avoid restrictions as you try to surf.

This suit is an entry level suit but comes with several features that offer maximum comfort.

The glide skin neck has its soft rolled on neckline which reduces the chaffing which people experience with a blunt edged neoprene.

The hammer is perfect for weather between 59°F to 69 °F. It delivers performance, superior fit and a style.

It has a smooth skin back and chest and ultra-flex body which makes it comfortable and allows you a wide range of motions. Its flatlock seams are non-chafing and durable.

  • Krypto knees
  • Smooth skin fabric for back and chest
  • 100% ultra-flex body fabric
  • Thickness is 3/2 mm
  • Offer superior styling, fit and freedom of movement
  • Back zip for easy removal
  • Lumbar seamless design to reduce water entry at the same time maximizing stretch

O'Neill Short Sleeve Wetsuit

O'neill springsuit

The 2/1 mm hammer spring suit offer unlimited mobility since they are made from super stretch neoprene.

Therefore, they are ideal for all water sports. The wetsuit features a double neck seal which resists flushing, durable flatlock seams, hidden key pocket on the inside and seamless paddles zones which offer extra flexibility.

The O’Neill wetsuits have a year warranty on craftsmanship and materials.

You can prolong the shape of your wetsuit by rinsing it in fresh water and then hanging to dry. The material of this suit is 100% ultra-flex.

Lemorecn Adult’s Wetsuits Jacket

wetsuit jacket review

The le more Cn jacket is made from a special super stretch neoprene material making the jacket very comfortable and less time to wear or remove. It’s perfect for any pool activity as it acts as a thermal layering piece.

It comes in different sizes which can fit anyone. You just have to find that fit you correctly.

This lemoreCn 3mm jacket is designed to keep anyone warm even during the coldest conditions for kiteboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding or any other water sports.

The flat lock seams offer a smooth exterior and interior surface for maximum durability and comfort.

Seavenger tropical shorty


The new seavenger is all black, stylish and a 3mm performance-enhancing shorty.

You can surf, dive or snorkel in it. You will always have fun in it irrespective of the topside or underwater sport.

It’s a high-quality short sleeve that is made from 3mm nylon II which improves mobility and performance.

It’s perfect for any condition from cold to warm to temperate water.

  • Super stretch panels at armpit for unrestricted movement
  • Flatlock stitching to reduce seam irritation
  • Extra-long leash that is easy to reach
  • Nylon II that offer super-stretchy comfort
  • #10 YKK zip
  • Performance-enhancing cut and form hugging


How should my wetsuit fit? 

It should be comfortably snug. Not too tight where it will constrict your joint movements and not loose that too much water will constantly get in and the extra wetsuit material will bunch up and rub.    

Should water be able to get in my wetsuit?

Yes! This is a common misunderstanding. A bit of water is actually supposed to get into the wetsuit, it then heats up from your body temperature and keeps you warm, bet you didn't know that! But not too much water, thats why they need to fit comfortably snug. If no water entered the suit it would be considered a drysuit, which is for extremely low temperature water conditions.

What if I don't like the wetsuit I buy? 

Don't fret! Costco and Amazon have excellent return policies. Remember, at the end of the day with surf gear including wetsuits, you try out gear and see what works and what you like. The more you get involved in the sport the more you will refine and fine tune your surf gear to your liking. So the important thing is to just go and buy your first wetsuit and get started!


A standard wetsuit come in a thickness of about 3/2 mm. The 3 in the numerator represents the torso thickness. This region contains vital organs, and it’s the point where maximum warmth is required. The 2 in the denominator represents the arm’s and leg’s thickness. The reason for low number is because you need the flexibility to swim and paddle in the water. Therefore a thicker neoprene will easily tire you by hindering your movement.

Wetsuits normally come with flat lock stitching and involve overlapping pieces of neoprene and stitching them together. This method is used since the holes left during stitching makes it cooler and breathable.

The Quiksilver Men’s Syncro and the O'Neill Wetsuits Men’s Hammer features all the standards of the best wetsuit including ultra-flex material and ergonomically designed panels for superior movement and maximum comfort respectively.