Giantex Surfboard Review

When you try surfing for the very first time, the surfboard you use can spell a world of difference. Get the wrong type of surfboard and you will fail to catch waves.


You will probably not be enticed to go surfing again. However, if you get a good beginner surfboard that will help you paddle and keep your balance, you are never going to want to get off of it!

Here we review the 6’0” Giantex foam-top surfboard, a popular choice among those who want to experience stoke for the very first time.


Get to know the Giantex 6 ft. surfboard more according to these different categories: volume, speed, durability, board handling, flexibility, and safety.

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Giantex 6ft soft top board


The Giantex soft-top shortboard packs in a lot of volume so it will be significantly more buoyant than your average surfboard. This is good for beginners because the more volume a board has, the better it will float. You won’t have to worry about sinking and you won’t have too much trouble paddling with this board because it will buoy you up nice and easy. According to the product specifications, this board has the weight capacity of up to 200 lbs.


When riding soft-tops, it’s normal for them to be slow and sludgy. These boards are typically used to learn on and you won’t need the speed-inducing features of more advanced surfboards. However, this Giantex surfboard comes with a unique bottom concave that will help you gain a bit more speed than other foamies. You can expect this board to go faster than other beginner boards.


This soft-top shortboard is as durable as any foamie can get. Made of high quality HDPE and a slick PP bottom, this board should last you a long time as long as you remember to follow the proper surfboard care guidelines. Don’t leave it under direct exposure to sunlight and always wash the board with fresh water after a session out at sea.

Still, this board isn’t built to be your forever board. Just get good enough to catch your waves on it and you should be ready to progress into a more proper and traditional surfboard.

Board Handling

This foamie is easy to carry and handle in and out of the water. You don’t have to worry about dings and dents on this board as you would on a traditional PU or epoxy surfboard. This board is also easy to assemble and pack away. You can stash it at the back of your car or tie it snugly to the roof of your vehicle.


By flexibility, we mean the ability of the board to be able to handle different kinds of waves.

Since the Giantex is a soft-top beginner board, it will perform reasonably well on small-sized beach break waves. It might not perform as well when the waves get a little bit bigger.

This should not be your go-to board if you plan to do some more serious surfing. However, this is a good enough board for your all around surf lessons kind of day.


Because you are still learning how to surf, you still have high chances of getting hit by your own board due to improper board handling.

This is why it is important for you to also learn how to wipe out the proper way.

Nevertheless, the foam material is much softer than traditional surfboards so you don’t have to worry about serious injuries as long as you also practice being careful in and out of the water.

Giantex surfboard


  • 6’0” x 20” x 3”
  • Strong top foam material
  • Slick high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • PP hard slick bottom
  • Lightweight material
  • Weight capacity of up 200 lbs.
  • Unique high speed concave at the bottom
  • Custom blue and white printed design

Pros and Cons

Just like any surfboard, there are some pros and cons to using the Giantex 6 ft. soft-top surfboard. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this board, based on actual reviews from those who have tried surfing with it.

  • This board is made of durable foam material
  • Soft-top boards are better to learn on
  • 6-foot length is good for faster waves
  • More stable than a traditional shortboard
  • Slick HDPE bottom for better performance in the water
  • Unique bottom concave to help gain speed
  • Reduces the risk of surf-related injuries
  • ​Easy to transport and handle
  • ​Also comes with a leash
  • Comes with thruster fins
  • Very affordable price, won’t break the bank
  • Just a beginner board, not for advanced maneuvers
  • 6-foot length might be too short for some beginner adults


  • Ankle Leash

The Giantex soft-top surfboard comes with a 6-foot leash with an ankle cuff.

It is easy to put on and will stay on in the water. Should you need to remove it right away, it has a quick-pull tab that you can yank.

The Giantex surfboard comes with a built-in leash plug where you can attach the leash.

The leash itself is made of webbed nylon only so it won’t last as long as the traditional surf leashes made of long-lasting urethane cords.

  • Decent price for an entry-level board

If you are just learning how to surf, you won’t need an expensive board just yet.

Practice all the fundamentals on a soft-top board like the Giantex and you will be able to appreciate the more traditional boards better once you are ready to make the transition.

  • Thruster Fins

The Giantex 6’0” comes with standard thruster fins or 1 center fin and 2 side bites. The thruster set-up is good for speed while maintaining a clean and stable line down the wave.

  • Built-in traction pad

This foamie also comes with a small traction pad to improve the grip of your back foot. You won’t be slipping off of the board because of this rubberized deck piece, plus the foam top material will also hold you in place while surfing.

  • Great beginner shortboard

This is a great board for beginners, especially for kids and young adults. The 6-foot length should be ideal for them because a 9-foot longboard might be too long.

If you are an adult weighing less than 200 lbs., this is a good introductory shortboard. If you have basic longboarding surf skills already, you should be able to stand up and ride this board.

This is also a great board to practice paddling and fine-tune your pop-ups during the takeoff. There is so much to learn in surfing and this board can help open doors for you.


Will I be able to stand up on this surfboard?

With the right wave and the right technique, yes! You will be able to catch waves and stand up on this board.

Do I need to apply surf wax on this type of surfboard?

Unlike regular surfboards, the foam top material is spongy enough to provide grip while you surf. You don’t need to apply surf wax on this foamie.

Is this the right length or height of board for children?

Yes, this is the perfect size for children and young adults. Adults weighing less than 200 lbs. can also use this.

Will I be able to duck dive with this board?

Experienced surfers will know the right scooping technique to be able to duck dive with this board. However, first-timers will have difficulty pushing this board under a wave because it is very buoyant and beginners will not yet have the fundamental skills in place. Stick to turtle rolls instead!


Giantex surfboard

Overall, this is the perfect learner’s board for kids and young adults.

It has a lot of volume and it offers a very stable ride.

The concave at the bottom along with the thruster fin set-up also makes it a bit faster than other soft-top surfboards, so you can be sure that you’ll be gliding down the face of wave with ample speed.

If you are a first-timer looking for a straightforward, no-strings-attached kind of surfboard at a low, entry-level price, get the Giantex 6 ft. soft-top shortboard.