Sea Eagle 330 Review

​Kayaking is one of the best forms of exercise and can help you to explore nature like you never imagined possible


In our Sea Eagle 330 review, we want to give you all the information we can on this kayak so you can have enjoyable many water experiences to come. But...

Looking for a proper kayak can be a bit daunting.

You need to make sure the kayak that you ultimately choose is comfortable, made of high quality materials, and is durable, meaning it will last you a long time.

It’s even more important to consider these traits with an inflatable kayak like the Sea Eagle 330.

Let’s dig into what we believe makes this one of the best inflatable kayaks on the market today.

The SE 330 Review

eagle 330


  • ​11.1 Feet Long
  • ​33 Inches Wide
  • ​500lb Capacity
  • ​26lbs in Weight
  • ​​K-80 Polykrylar Hull Material


  • ​Very easy to store and transport
  • ​Easy to inflate
  • ​Lightweight
  • Lots of interior space


  • ​A bit harder to steer than a traditional kayak
  • ​Wind can push this kayak around

Features and Benefits

​Transportation and Storage

​The fact that this kayak inflates, and is also one of the smallest inflatable kayaks on the market, makes it incredibly easy to transport when compared to other traditional kayaks. The inflation process takes about ten minutes with the included foot pump and can be done by just about anyone. When you’re all done, you can easily deflate it and store it in the trunk of your car or a small space in your home. The grab line that is included around the circumference of the kayak makes it a breeze to carry to and from the water and also provides an element of safety for those who might accidentally spill over into the blue.

If you ever find yourself in a place where renting kayaks isn’t an option, busting this out of your trunk makes it all the easier to enjoy hidden rivers and lakes.


​The Sea Eagle 330 is made from an incredibly durable polykrylar hull material and also has high frequency welded seams installed on it. This material is very thick and very puncture resistant, as well as resistant to UV rays, salt, grime, and chemicals or gas that may be present in the water. There are three inflated chambers that can be found on the kayak: One port chamber, one starboard chamber, and one floor chamber. Though you shouldn’t have to worry about punctures, if one was to occur, only one chamber would blow, meaning you’d still be able to float back to shore using the other ones.

Lastly, the floor is a 5-tube I-beam floor. Not only is it much steadier than your typical inflatable kayak floors, meaning it makes it much easier to enter and exit, but it is also much more durable.


​At a 500lb capacity, the Sea Eagle 330 has a fair-sized interior and can easily fit two smaller adults or an adult and a child. The inflatable seats that it comes with are also easy to remove in case you want to go solo and have some more room for fishing gear or a cooler.


​Anyone can learn how to paddle and maneuver this kayak without any formal training or lessons. The Sea Eagle 330 is also built with two skegs that are very important for tracking speed, especially with inflatable kayaks. It makes tracking across the water a very smooth process, as well as helps you to paddle with less effort. Paddling is also much easier thanks to the fact that Sea Eagle decided to raise up their floors. This allows you to sit up higher, making it much easier to move your arms around and cut deeper into the water.


​Sea Eagle is pretty good about providing their consumer with accessories to get your started and the 330 comes with everything you need.

Easily pump up the kayak with the manual foot pump, paddle around with the sturdy paddle set, store your stuff with the carry bag, repair your boat with the repair kit, and keep yourself nice and dry with the spray skirts.

​Sea Eagle 330 Modifications

​Trolling Motor

If you decide that you want to pair up your Sea Eagle 330 with a trolling motor, it’ll help to take your relaxing days on the lake or adventurous river exploration to completely new heights. Inflatable kayaks like the Sea Eagle 330 need specific motors and the team over at Sea Eagle has made it very simple to purchase them and install them with the Sea Eagle 300 motor mount.

Trolling motors are great if you ever want to take a break from paddling and really take in the scenery around you. Having a motor can also make it much easier to get going, and can also help you to steer and cut through choppier conditions a bit better. We would only recommend a trolling motor be onboard, however, if you are in calmer water where rocks or other obstacles won’t rip it off.

The other great thing about the Sea Eagle motors is that, for the most part, they are very quiet. Sea Eagle knows that fair amounts of people using their kayaks are using them for fishing. A motor that is too loud could easily scare away your catch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe vs. Pro

Sea Eagle decided to make their inflatable kayaks with multiple options for upgrades. The Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe is the entry-level version of the kayak and comes with two Deluxe Kayak Seats while the Sea Eagle 330 Pro comes with Tall Black Seats. While the black seats are definitely taller, they provide just as much back support as the Deluxe Seats and can be a bit harder to actually rig to the craft.

The paddles in the Sea Eagle 330 Pro package are slightly better than the Deluxe paddles, though not by much, especially considering that they are more expensive. We would recommend going with the Deluxe package version, as it’s cheaper and provides just about all the same features.

Another great option in this product like is 330's big brother, the SE 370

Who is the Sea Eagle 330 Best For?

The Sea Eagle 330 is a surprisingly versatile kayak and can be used by children and adults alike, no matter what skill level you are at. We highly recommend this kayak to anyone who wants to go fishing, yacht tending, or for a nice little paddle around lakes. This kayak is definitely able to handle chop as well, making perfect for adrenaline junkies who want to drive it down some wild rivers. While it can definitely be used with two people, we find that if you’re an adult, it’s a much better solo craft.

Why purchase an inflatable kayak?

Inflatable kayaks, for starters, are much lighter than traditional kayaks, making them much easier to paddle and a heck of a lot easier to travel with. You can easily deflate it, fold it up, and carry it with you around the world.

Can my dog come in the kayak?

Of course! Most people worry that their dogs will be an issue because of their nails. The material that the Sea Eagle 330 is crafted from is incredibly thick. Though it can puncture if enough pressure is put on it with a sharp object, that would truly only be from something like a sharp knife or heavy rock.

Overall Review

​The Sea Eagle 330 is really an excellent beginner kayak, though we believe that many veteran kayakers will also enjoy the features that it has too. You can use it pretty much anywhere from lakes to Class III rapids, making it incredibly versatile thanks to its rigid profile.

Pair that with the small price tag and other quality accessories that come with it, we have to give the Sea Eagle 330 an A+. It’s a great professional inflatable kayak that will last you for years to come.

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