Sea Eagle 370 Review

If you are on the hunt for an inflatable kayak to that is portable, inexpensive, and can get you into the world of kayaking quickly, you should definitely stick around for our Sea Eagle 370 review.

Inflatable kayaks are much more versatile than they used to be.


Even veteran kayakers are beginning to take these things out. Whether you’re in the mood for a calm paddle around the lake or you are looking for the major adrenaline rush that comes from driving full force down class III rapids, the Sea Eagle 370 can give you all of that.

Yup, we’re talking whitewater here. The Sea Eagle 370 is no joke, and it is also one of the best inflatable kayaks on the market today. Let’s dig into the details so you can get out there before summer ends!

The SE 370 Review

Sea Eagle 370


  • ​3-person design
  • ​650lb Capacity
  • ​32lbs in weight
  • ​Polykrylar Hull Material

Features and Benefits


The Sea Eagle 370 can be found in the same realm as many performance kayaks thanks to its durability. It’s made out of a very thick PolyKrylar material that is like typical PVC material but tougher. The hull of the craft is made to be puncture resistant, meaning you can thrash around on it a bit and don’t have to worry about getting holes or leaks in it. Many people fear taking their dogs out on inflatable watercrafts, as their nails can be sharp. No worries here though, as the material can easily handle that.

It comes complete with an NMMA certification, meaning an expert in kayak manufacturing has inspected it, and they have labeled it as safe for tough usage.

Capacity and Size

The Sea Eagle 370 has a weight capacity of 650lbs, meaning it can easily hold two large adults and a child, or two large adults and a cooler / fishing gear. Even at that capacity, it’s pretty impressive that it only weighs 32lbs. You can easily pack this thing into a small travel bag and take it just about anywhere you want to go. It can easily fit into the trunk of your car or a small hall closet when it is deflated.


The inflation process on the Sea Eagle 370 is incredibly easy and can be done by anybody thanks to the included manual pump. There are three main chambers onboard. This is awesome, as if by chance you are out on the lake and one begins to lost air, you can quickly get back to shore using the other chambers that are intact to float. The entire process of blowing up the kayak takes about 10 minutes, though you can also expedite the process if you want to with a motorized pump.


This is an excellent kayak for beginners to learn how to kayak on. The dual skegs that are included on the Sea Eagle 370 help to track the boat much better in water. Wind can still be a pain, but that is with any inflatable kayak. The dual skegs are there to help you cut through water and maintain speed through every paddle. Because it is lightweight, even kids won’t have a hard time getting it going.

Pressure Gauge

The Sea Eagle 370 comes with a very handy pressure gauge. This is pretty unique and not many inflatable kayaks have this sort of feature. This helps in the inflation process by letting you know if you’ve overdone it or have not pumped it enough. It can also keep you safe by making sure your air is still in the chambers as you begin paddling out.

All of these excellent features are the reason why the Sea Eagle 370 has scored a spot on our best kayak main page.


The Sea Eagle 370 comes with a boatload of great accessories. The two seats that are planted in the boat can easily be removed. They also come with backrests that are pretty comfortable and provide much better support than your typical butt platforms. The foot pump is included as well, and a carry bag to store it up in when you are all done using it. Lastly, you get a cooler shoulder strap that makes transportation even easier!

​Sea Eagle 370 Mods

Trolling Motor

If you feel the urge to modify or trick out your Sea Eagle 370 with a trolling motor, it’ll make your inflatable kayaking experience much better than it has ever been. Inflatable kayaks like the Sea Eagle 370, and inflatable kayaks in general, need special motors to work. Fortunately, the Sea Eagle manufacturers have made it a piece of cake to find, purchase, and install their inflatable kayak motors to your craft.

Trolling motors are great if you ever want to stop paddling, pop open a cold one, and gaze up at the sky for a bit. Having a motor can also make it much easier to get going for people who are inexperience paddles, and can also help to cut through the water when conditions aren’t ideal. We would only recommend a trolling motor be onboard, however, if you are in calmer water where rocks or other obstacles won’t rip it off.

The other great thing about the Sea Eagle motors is that, for the most part, they are very quiet. Sea Eagle knows that fair amounts of people using their kayaks are using them for fishing. A motor that is too loud could easily scare away your catch.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Sea Eagle 330 vs. Sea Eagle 370

There are a couple of differences between these two inflatable kayak cousins. The most obvious difference is the size. The Sea Eagle 370, at 12.5” long, can hold up to 650lbs while the Sea Eagle 330, at 11” long, can only hold 55lbs.

The other main difference is the package that each comes with. The base Sea Eagle 330 package comes with the deluxe inflatable seat, one paddle, a foot pump, and the small inflatable kayak repair kit. The Sea Eagle 370 comes with two paddles, two upgraded SEC kayak seat, a foot pump, a carry bag, and a small inflatable repair kit.

Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe vs. Pro

There are three different models of the 370 you can purchase: The 370 Sport Fishing Kayak, the 370 Pro Kayak, and the 370 QuikSail Kayak. The Sport Fishing model is the same in terms of cost when compared to the Deluxe model, though it’s better configured for fishing if that is what you’re into. It comes with a 7’10” paddle, one inflatable seat, a manual pump, a Sea Eagle Storage Box, a Sea Eagle repair kit, and fishing rod holders/

The Pro Kayak comes with two 7’10” paddles instead of one, two inflatable deluxe kayak seats instead of one, one storage bag, a manual pump, and the Sea Eagle Repair Kit. The Pro Model is the main one that we’ve been discussing in the article.

The QuikSail is a great package for those who are looking to sail their kayak. It comes with Sea Eagle’s QuikSail, two 7’10” paddles, manual pump, and a Sea Eagle Repair Kit & Storage Bag.

Are the paddles that come with the Sea Eagle 370 any good?

We would highly recommend getting some more professional-feeling paddles if you want to take this seriously. The paddles that come with the Sea Eagle 370 package do their job, though not very well. They don’t cut through water like paddles are meant to, meaning it can be more effort than it needs to be.

Can I take my Sea Eagle 370 in ocean water?

Yes! The material that the Sea Eagle 370 is made from is very strong and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater without worry!

​Overall Review

The Sea Eagle 370 is easily one of the best inflatable kayaks around and we have to give it an A+ rating! It’s extremely versatile, can be taken just about anywhere, and is much more affordable if you’re getting into kayaks and don’t want to spend a ton of cash. Right out of the box you’ll have everything you need to get started! It’s a ton of fun and we highly recommend it to anyone looking to get out on the water this summer!