Morey Boogie Bodyboards Review

You wouldn’t be a bodyboarder if you didn’t know Thomas Hugh Morey or Tom Morey. Tom was born to be an innovator; he graduated with a degree in Mathematics and worked in the engineering department of an aircraft company, where he had access to revolutionary materials. More than that, he was an all around waterman. Growing up in Southern California, he decided to make use of his professional skills to develop inventions for wave riding. In 1971, he invented the bodyboard.


Tom Morey was pleased with his invention because it was lightweight, it could make fast turns, and it was relatively easy to make. By 1977, he had sold over 80,000 bodyboards. Morey Boogie bodyboards continue to be top-selling items today, and rightly so. There is no brand more reliable than the one the Father of Bodyboarding made.

In this article, we review some of the best-selling bodyboards from Morey Boogie. Read on to find out which template suits your personal bodyboarding style.


Morey Cruiser Bodyboard

There is no other best-selling entry-level bodyboard in the market than the Morey Cruiser. It is a full size board at 42.5” and its railed are tubed to provide an easier grip. The deck is laid out with contours to help angle your body in the right positions to perform basic maneuvers when gliding down the face of a wave. The board’s shape is streamlined to help you turn, while the crescent tail will give you more speed. If you are a beginner to intermediate rider, you can make sure you’ll get more value for your money from this classic bodyboard.

Morey Cruise Bodyboard

  • High density Phuzion core
  • IXL deck (8 lb. 4mm)
  • 25mm HDPE bottom skin with channels
  • PE slick
  • Contoured deck
  • Crescent-shaped tail for speed
  • Comes with a wrist coil leash

Morey Mach Series (7, 7SS, 8TX, 10) Bodyboard

If you are looking for an all around bodyboard that can help you progress into more advanced surfing, the Morey Mach series has a template to suit your needs. Built with lighter but durable materials such as the X-Flex Polypro, and equipped with advanced features such as graduated channels, power rod stringers, and x-flex mesh material; the Mach bodyboards can take your surfing a notch higher.

  • PE or x-flex polypro core
  • HDPE slick or Surlyn slick
  • X-flex mesh material
  • TC8 deck
  • Power rod stringer
  • Graduated channels
  • Crescent-shaped tail for speed
  • Bulbs on nose or tail

Morey Baja Bodyboard

If you are a first-time rider or a novice level bodyboarder, you will enjoy riding the Morey Baja. This bodyboard was built with the beginner in mind, so you can be assured of steady rides down the line, while giving you enough speed to attempt some basic maneuvers.

morey baja bodyboard

  • Phuzion core
  • HDPE slick
  • Good for beginners to intermediate riders
  • IXL top skin
  • Dimpled bottom skin
  • How To Bodyboard DVD included
  • 8 lb. IXL deck
  • Bat-shaped tail
  • Comes with a wrist leash

Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard

The Morey Big Kahuna is a bodyboard built for bigger guys who want to surf all kinds of waves. This is the top-selling entry-level board for heavier riders; however, it also offers more advanced features for more drive, float and control. This 44” bodyboard can carry riders up to 180-200 lbs., and can be taken out on the smaller days as well as when it’s firing.

Morey Big Kahuna 44” Bodyboard


  • Strong PE Dow core
  • 8lb. 4mm IXL deck
  • HDPE slick
  • Graduated channels on the bottom
  • Crescent-shaped tail for speed
  • Wider template
  • Can carry riders up to 180-200 lbs.

Swim Fins

Morey Churchill Fins

The next most important part of your bodyboarding gear is your swim fins. Given the right pair, you can feel the difference with your every kick and thrust and you can slide into waves faster and with more control. Here are some of the best all around fins for all types of surf conditions from Morey.

Churchill Makapuu

If you want to talk about power and acceleration then you must make mention of the Makapuu fins. These fins are designed to give the rider the maximum amount of speed and control while catching waves.

Churchill-Makapuu-swim-fins review

The foot pocket is soft and comfortable providing little to no strain on your feet, and the drain hole effectively gets rid of all trapped sand and water. Moreover, these fins float in the water! These fins have everything you want and need from a trusty pair of fins.

  • Patented floats-in-water design
  • Adds maximum power and acceleration
  • Helps the rider achieve total control
  • Right stiffness for power
  • Soft and comfortable foot pocket
  • Drain hole for sand and water
  • Perfect for all conditions

Churchill Slasher

The Slasher swim fins are a hybrid of the Makapuu swim fins but are made with a softer rubber composition, making it one of the softest and most comfortable fins to wear in the water.

churchill slasher fin reviewed

Modifications were also made to the foot pocket and the template was designed to perfectly fit the human foot. While the foot pocket is made of soft material, the blade around it is made of a stiffer rubber, which gives you drive, power and acceleration with every paddle.

  • Ultra soft rubber material for utmost comfort
  • Stiffer blade for power and drive
  • Anatomically shaped foot pocket
  • Dolphin-inspired outline
  • Shorter fin size perfect for drop knee
  • Wider fin base for more control
  • Perfect for all conditions


It takes water skills, an inborn love for the water, access to aircraft-grade materials, and unparalleled mathematical prowess to create a successful bodyboard brand such as Morey Boogie. Fortunately, Tom Morey had all the needed qualities. From their Mach series bodyboards to the Churchill swim fins; Morey Boogie aims to push the boundaries of the industry by providing top notch products that provide endless stoke. You can’t go wrong with this classic.


Is this a trusted brand?

All original bodyboard templates, features and designs came from Tom Morey. If it came from the Father of Bodyboarding himself, you can be sure that you’re riding a high quality product. Morey Boogie doesn’t make boards or fins that fall below the standards of the man who invented the sport. This is the brand that everyone tries to be because they were the very first.

What is the best type of wave for bodyboarding?

The best type of wave depends on your skill level. If you are a first time surfer or a beginner boogie boarder, you should stick to the smaller surf. Don’t underestimate small waves because most of the surf breaks still pack a mean punch! If you are an advance-level rider, then you can choose from an assortment of massive shore breaks, barreling left or right-handers, and ramp-like waves made for great aerials. Whatever gives you the most stoke, energy and fun, is the best wave.

How long will my bodyboard last?

If you follow basic bodyboard care instructions (rinse after use, store in a cool and dry place, do not leave under direct sunlight, etc.), then your board should last you a couple of years. The materials used to make these bodyboard are lightweight but highly durable. Unless you surf pounding shore breaks everyday, your bodyboard should remain intact for a long time.

Is wearing a leash necessary for bodyboarding?

Yes, it absolutely is. You can wear a leash around your wrist or your bicep, as long as it does not feel awkward. You should be able to move your arms freely with the leash on. Without a leash, not only can you lose your board, you might just lose your life.