StormBlade Surfboards Review

Performance and Style – StormBlade Soft Top Surfboards

Catch surf when the waves are less than optimal, or when they are unbelievable on a foam surfboard by StormBlade. These boards are all about performance with style.

Weaving technological advances with high quality materials, StormBlade delivers proven surfboard shapes for many different wave conditions and surfing skill levels.


These boards cater to the beginner and Intermediate surfer, but the expert will have fun, too.

StormBlade makes learning easier with a wide range of board shapes and sizes to give the beginner a perfectly balanced wave-riding platform to surf.

stormblade boards

StormBlade makes stepping down to a smaller size board feasible without having to go broke doing it! If you’re thinking about adding another board to your quiver, take a look at what StormBlade has to offer.

Find your unique style with StormBlade!

6’ StormBlade Squash Tail Thruster Surfboard

  • Shape: Fun board / short board shape, rounded point nose, squash tail
  • Dimensions: 6’ x 19.5” x 3”
  • Board weight: 6 lbs
  • Board volume: 47 liters
  • Weight capacity: 150 - 190 lbs
  • Best for: Beginner to Expert; 1- 5’ waves
  • Best Feature: EVA Traction Pad
  • Characteristics: Fun all-around board
  • Materials: IXL deck with 4mm water barrier skin, EPS core, slick HDPE bottom
  • Stringer(s): Triple marine-grade plywood stringers, molded into core, epoxy coated
  • Fin(s): Tri-fin, bolt-though thruster system
  • Leash: Competition standard leash

It doesn’t matter if you’re screaming down the line of a point break, or blasting into shore break barrels, this is a fun board for various surf conditions.

The 6’ Squash Tail is perfect for grooving into those wide cutbacks, and rides smoothly on peeling wave faces.

You can get enough momentum on this board to power through slow sections, and it has the buoyancy to help keep you balanced and in control.​

The squash tail gives a bit of a squared contour with rounded corners to bite into the water to deliver that snappy feel while still efficiently releasing water coming off the rails.​

10’ StormBlade Longboard Surfboard

Stormblade Classic Longboard review

  • Shape: Longboard, full round nose, rounded-square tail, nose-to-tail rocker
  • Dimensions: 10’ x 24.5” x 3.5”
  • Board weight: 18 lbs
  • Board volume: 127 liters
  • Weight capacity: 150 - 190 lbs
  • Best for: Beginner to Expert; 1- 3’ waves
  • Best Feature: Catches waves easily
  • Characteristics: Sturdy and buoyant
  • Materials: IXL deck with 4mm water barrier skin, EPS core, slick HDPE bottom
  • Stringer(s): Triple marine-grade plywood stringers, molded into core, epoxy coated
  • Fin(s): Tri-fin, bolt-though thruster system
  • Leash: Double swivel standard leash

StormBlade’s classic longboard shape floats like a dream and surfs like one, too! Perfect for lazy ankle-high summer waves or gliding smoothly and quickly down waist-high peelers.

The rounded squared tail is similar to the squash tail in that it allows for speed and maneuverability with stability.

This board is a gas for learning how to hang ten on because of it’s calibrated thickness for extra buoyancy.​

A bit of rocker helps keep you from pearling on steeper takeoffs. But, hey, on this board, you can catch waves before they’re even breaking!​

58" Storm Blade Surfboard Fun Board

58 stormblade surfboard review

  • Shape: Youth fun board, round nose, rounded-square tail
  • Dimensions: 4’ 8” x 19.5” x 3”
  • Board weight: ~ 5 lbs
  • Board volume: 35 liters
  • Weight capacity: 50 - 125 lbs
  • Best for: Beginner to Intermediate; 1- 3’ waves
  • Best Feature: Great beach, lake and wave pool board
  • Characteristics: Sturdy construction, versatile use
  • Materials: IXL deck with 4mm water barrier skin, EPS core, slick HDPE bottom
  • Stringer(s): Dual marine-grade plywood stringers, molded into core, epoxy coated
  • Fin(s): Twin-fin, bolt-though system
  • Leash: Competition standard leash and nylon coupling

The best time to learn how to surf is when you’re young! At nearly 5-feet in length and around 5-pounds in weight, this StormBlade Fun Board is perfect for the small-sized surfer.

These buoyant boards give stability on small mushy waves, and the tail shape is ideal for carving out turns. This board is so lightweight and portable you can take it anywhere easily.

Versatile, you’ll have a good time on this fun board regardless if the wave your surfing is in the ocean, a lake, or a pool. Durable as well, this board can take a shore break beating.


How do you get through whitewater when paddling a longboard out to the lineup?

A necessary skill for any longboarder is the Turtle Roll. As a wave approaches, paddle hard for forward momentum. Breathe in deeply, roll sideways and flip the board upside down. When you feel the wave over you, frog kick your legs and push up from the board while you lean forcefully to one side. Get your torso raised for the momentum and advantage needed to turn the board over. Then, quickly climb back on top and get paddling out of the impact zone!

What’s the most important thing to learn about surfing?

Reading the ocean. Know the tides, notice currents, watch other surfers in the lineup to see where everyone is sitting. No two waves are alike, but there are patterns and a rhythm to the wave sets. The more time you spend observing the ocean, the better you become at surfing because you’ll eventually hone that skill of being in the right place at the right time every time you go for a wave.

Are there other activities to do that will make me a better surfer?

Totally! Don’t underestimate the power of yoga – both the physical aspect as well as the physiological and mental aspect. Yoga is great for sharpening your concentration, and the practice of breathing techniques can calm the mind. It’s not good for a surfer to become distracted or intimidated, because timing is everything, especially when you’re challenging yourself on bigger wave faces. Weight train regularly, hit those muscles used in surfing, as well as the opposing ones to maintain muscular balance. Last, and most importantly, stretch.


For the price and quality of construction, StormBlade has superb Soft Top Surfboards for beginner and expert wave riders. The best way to pick a board is to assess your current skill level and figure out where you want to take your surfing next. If your skill level is zero – well, the choice will be hard because any of these boards will work for the beginner!

Probably the best criteria are things such as your height and weight, your age and fitness level, and the type of wave you’ll be surfing most regularly. For the particularly tall / heavy surfer, the 10’ Longboard is the best choice. Transitioning to a shorter board would make the 6’ Squash Tail ideal, while moving to an actual short board would make the 58” Fun Board a good choice. If you just want an all-around fun board – go with the 6’ Squash Tail.

No matter the pick of a StormBlade stick, they’re affordable options for getting some exciting wave action!

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