Pride Vulcan Fins Review

If you have been bodyboarding for a couple of years now then you will have already tried different pairs of swim fins. Some fins may have disappointed you, while some seemed to lack the key element of human comfort. Looking for the right pair of swim fins is important because you’re only as good as how comfortable you feel in the water.


Fortunately, Pride Bodyboards creator, Imanol Arrizabalaga, is a masterful craftsman who has a keen eye for materials and advanced techniques. When he came out with Pride Bodyboards, the best swim fins in the world were also conceived.

Vulcan Fins

Over 2 years of research and development took place in the Pride Laboratory before they finally released what they called the best swim fins ever made—the Vulcan Fins. Two versions were introduced to the market: the V1 and the V2.

Vulcan V1

The Pride Lab experimented with different rubber compositions to find the right density for swim fins. After testing various prototypes themselves, the highly skilled guys over at the Pride Lab came out with the V1.

Pride Vulcan V1 Swim Fins

The V1 features dual density rubber, allowing the foot pocket to be soft and light while the fin blade remained stiff and rigid enough to propel. After perfecting the material, Pride progressed toward design. The result is the most ergonomic swim fin template ever made. Slip these on while on land and you will already feel the difference.

These fins are made from premium Malaysian rubber, which feels soft on the skin. You will now be able to extend your surf sessions without worrying about getting foot cramps or blisters from chafing.

  • Top of the line Malaysian rubber
  • Dual density for comfort and performance
  • The most ergonomic fin swim template
  • Designed to have drain holes
  • Designed to have drain holes
  • Designed to have drain holes
  • Made for extended sessions
  • Won’t harden in cold water
  • Super comfortable foot pocket and ankle strap
  • Comes in 7 color ways

Vulcan V2

If you are an advanced rider, a professional bodyboarder, or just an all around high performance adrenaline junkie, you will find many things to love about the Vulcan V2. It takes after the V1 with its multi-density material. It also boasts of the same game changing ergonomic foot pocket template made for longer sessions so you’ll never have to go back in early from strained feet.

Pride Vulcan Swim Fins

What sets the V2 apart from all other types of swim fins is the 3Density Elastomer Technology®. This signature technology took over 2 years to perfect and now it is ready to blow the competition out of the water. The 3Density Elastomer Technology allows for even more propulsion than the V1, giving you power like you have never felt it before.

In a few words, the V2 is the pair of swim fins that can keep up with your performance.

  • Top of the line Malaysian rubber
  • 3Density Elastomer Technology®
  • For strong and advanced riders
  • The most ergonomic fin swim template
  • Designed to have drain holes
  • Made for extended sessions
  • Super comfortable foot pocket and ankle strap
  • Won’t harden in cold water
  • Comes in 5 color ways


What makes the Vulcan Swim Fins better than other swim fins in the market?

The Vulcan V1 and V2 were intended for extended surf sessions. This is why Pride Bodyboards invested a lot of time and resources to the process of perfecting its multi-density material. The swim fin template is also innovative because it is short and built to be lightweight, however, it packs in power that will boost your performance and help you achieve the maneuvers needed to rip.

Do these fins have warranty?

Pride Bodyboards offers a 6-month warranty for their bodyboarding accessories. Check with your local retailer to know their terms for warranties and returns.

Is this a good brand?

Yes, it is. Few brands have a crew as talented as the Pride Team. They rip in the water, and they produce excellent bodyboarding products when in the lab.

Here are some of the top pro bodyboarders in the world that are on the Pride board team ripping in the video below:

Final Thoughts: Which version should I get?

No matter what kind of rider you are, you will find something to love about the Vulcan Swim Fins made by Pride Bodyboard company. If you are a beginner to intermediate rider, the Vulcan V1 should exceed your expectations. It could also help you refine your kick and thrust techniques because it won’t give you discomfort while you are in the water.

However, if you are an above average rider looking for more radical ways to evolve your style, you should get the Vulcan V2. Take advantage of the research and development that went into the production of the V2 and experience the difference for yourself. The Vulcan V2 can pack in the most power out of every propulsion, thus adding to your performance.

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