Vertical Surfboard Racks Buyer’s Guide

Vertical surfboard racks are easily the most popular type of rack for many different reasons.

They are better designed for just about any size of board, are much friendlier in terms of space, and also provide a nice way to set up and organize your quiver.


There are many types of vertical surfboard racks out on the market. Some are meant to be practical and for utility and don’t come with their own aesthetic, while others have more character and passion in their design.

Regardless of the one you choose, you’ll want it to protect your boards and keep them tidy and accessible so you can just grab your board and go when you’re ready to hit the waves. Luckily you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to give you a little bit of insight on our favorite vertical surfboard racks.

Let’s get organized!

The 5 Best Vertical Surfboard Racks

#1 Pick - Epic Surf Racks - The Grassy Surf Rack

Epic Surf Racks - The Grassy Surf Rack

This is a solid vertical surf rack made with a high quality wood that is durable enough to hold your boards and last for a long time. It sports foam on the wooden dowels and where the rails sit against the rack, as well as a nice grassy pad, that protects all corners of your board from dents or dings. Holding 5 boards, there will be a space for every surfer in your home!

This free-standing rack is incredibly easy to set up and requires absolutely no drilling. It is meant for surfboards (not SUPS) and will support up to 10ft. It is a complete kit that even comes with a bungee system to make sure your boards stay snug inside the rack.

Don’t have much room in the home? This surf rack is an excellent choice! It is also easy to move if you ever want to relocate the quiver. This is one of our top choices, not only for the utility, but also for the look.

#2 - Grassracks - Bamboo Freestanding Vertical Rack, 1 board

Grassracks - Bamboo Freestanding Vertical Rack, 1 board

This vertical rack acts as more of a highlight for your favorite board or SUP as it only holds one of them.

The design is pretty straightforward and comes with a rich, golden bamboo grain and adjustable strap to hold the largest boards you can possibly put on it. It is perfect to showcase your favorite your board because it faces the front / back instead of the rails. 

The traction pad kicker is placed nicely on the bottom to protect the tail from dents or dings, as well as prevent it from slipping off the rack. If you’re looking for a simple, space-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing rack to give your board the spotlight it deserves, this is the rack for you.

#3 - Grassracks - Bamboo Vertical Wall-Mounted Surfboard/SUP Rack, 4 Boards 

Grassracks - Bamboo Vertical Wall-Mounted Surfboard-SUP Rack, 4 Boards (

This impressive wall-mounted vertical surfboard rack boasts strong ¾” golden bamboo grain arms that are simple yet stylish, and can hold up to 4 surfboards or SUPS safely and space-efficiently.

This surf rack, unlike the others, requires some drilling and installation, though is insanely stable and locks to your walls with tether holes to keep your boards from tipping.

The arm spacing on this rack is great and allows for a wide variety of different boards and tail shapes to be placed on it. This is easily the best space saving vertical wall rack on our list.

#4 - Pro Board Racks - “The Lineup” Surfboard Rack

Pro Board Racks - The Lineup Surfboard Rack

This rack is best suited for surfboards and comes in a strong Baltic birch construction that assembles in minutes without any hardware.

Not only is the aesthetic of this vertical rack an excellent, natural-looking edition to your home, but is also one of the most popular racks that we constantly see at trade shows.

It’s about 22” deep and 36” wide, so it won’t take up much room either. With separate pieces of foam padding along the base of the unit, as well as the rails, you’ll be able to protect your board from all contact points.

All together, the Baltic birch rack only weighs 12lbs, meaning it is easy to move from room to room if ever necessary. Because it is free standing, you also don’t have to worry about it doing damage to your walls in any circumstance.

#5 - Grassracks - Bamboo Freestanding Vertical Surf Rack, 4 Boards

Grassracks Bamboo Freestanding Vertical Surf Rack, 4 Boards

This 4-board vertical surf rack is just about as solid and durable as they come. With the ability to support up to 100lbs, it is not only strong, but sports a beautiful and golden bamboo grain design that you’ll absolutely love.

The bamboo is ¾”, making it incredibly strong, and also comes cut with a unique press fit design that makes installation easier than ever. You’ll really love the versatility of the adjustable straps that come with it, allowing for different boards shapes and sizes to fit snugly on the rack. It can be difficult to trust the safety of your board on some racks because they aren’t properly padded.

 Luckily, the Bamboo Freestanding Vertical Rack comes complete with a foam base pad that will protect from dread tail dings or board slippage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some things I should look for when purchasing my surf rack?

Make sure that the rack you purchase is going to fit your board in all directions. This is especially true if you have a SUP, as many of this racks don’t support boards that thick or tall. To do this, you’ll want to look at multiple factors. Make sure that the arms are wide enough to keep it held between, make sure that the arms reach out long enough to give it at least an inch while it’s standing up, and make sure that it is suited for the length of your board.

Try and find a surf rack that is properly padded on all pressure points. We’ve seen many racks that only come padded at the base. This can work if you’re very careful, though if you’re someone who is constantly throwing in and taking out your boards, you might want to think about getting one that protects the rails, top, and bottom. The more padding, the better.

Look for one that is easy to set up. You didn’t purchase a surf rack to build it. If you wanted to do that, you would’ve just made one. Every surf rack we have mentioned in this article is very easy to set up and requires little to hardware. This can save you more time and frustration than you might think.

Look for a rack that has a good warranty. If they do, you know the company believes that their product is strong and long lasting. The Grassracks racks all come with limited lifetime warranties.

Where should I put my surf rack?

Whatever you do, do not put your surfboard rack outside. Even though you may spend all day out in the water with your board in the sun, it still needs to be protected from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays when possible. Having your board exposed to constant heat like that can expand the foam core, create cracks, and start a delamination process that can be expensive to fix. Your boards should be stored anywhere that is cool and dry. If you live somewhere that is hot or humid, find a good place inside that is far from the elements.

Are these surfboard racks sustainable?

One company in particular that does a great job at promoting sustainability is Grassracks. There are hundreds of surf companies moving in that direction nowadays because of the all-to-real plastic crisis that is looming in our precious oceans. One thing that they do well is craft from bamboo. Bamboo is a great resource for many reasons

  • It is easier to grow (grows about 5x faster than your average tree), meaning it produces a lot more without deforestation
  • It is environmentally friendly. When in the ground, it helps to trap carbon and pull it back into the ground. This means the more bamboo we grow, the more carbon emissions we can suck back into the Earth’s soil.

They also used natural finishes for their products that are made from environmentally friendly proteins and other materials. They even go as far as to repurpose their packaging and recycle all material that they use so that the can continue giving and receiving without leaving much waste.

Can I use a snowboard rack for my surfboard?

Some companies manufacture racks with adjustable arms so it definitely is possible, though we would highly recommend getting a different rack for your different boards. If a rack is meant for a surfboard, it is usually because of the length and width that it provides. They are obviously much thicker and typically much longer than snowboards.

Should I store my boards in a bag?

If you have the space and money to keep each of your boards in a bag, we would highly recommend it. Think about it. You just blew an upwards of $800. Do you want to take the risk of dinging it up? Didn’t think so. Surf racks are great for organization and display, but if there was anything else we would highly recommend for safety and storage, it would be a great surfboard bag. You can either get a surfboard sock (the lightest, least protective, and least expensive), a day bag (usually complete with a strap and added protection over the sock), or a travel bag (easily the thickest with padding and handles and are best suited for frequent flyers).