Camille Pilar is a surfer and writer in Lingayen, Philippines. She loves to explore new waves and surf trip adventures with her friends.
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Best Beach Cart Guide

Best Beach Carts

There is a reason that you came here looking for the best beach carts and wagons for the sand.

You’re probably sick of lugging a ton of gear over your back as you slug down the beach to your favorite spot, all while trying to keep the kids from running off.

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How To Stop Swim Fin Cramps

leg cramps with swim fins and bodyboarding

Getting fin cramps is not a fun thing. If you have not gotten a swim fin cramp out in the water yet and don’t know what it is like yet, just wait, you are in for a treat!

A fin cramp is just like it sounds. Your calf muscle,  the gastrocnemius, cramps up out in the water with your fins on. The muscle gets tight and balls up into a tight contracted ball and can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes, even the inside muscles of your feet do the same thing and cramp up. Continue Reading


The Top 6 Boats

Costco Boats

Spending time on the water is a refreshing and fun way to spend a warm afternoon. Whether you are going for a peaceful fishing or an Adventures excursion, an inflatable boat provides an affordable and versatile alternative to watersports equipment.

For those of you who like to extend your purchase reach into the ether, we recommend checking out our best inflatable boat homepage for review on the top-tier inflatable boats.

For those of you who are lovers of the bulk kingdom, Costco will do you well enough.

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Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Review

Pontoon Boat

Classic Accessories has a beautiful little line of Pontoon Boats in their Colorado line: Roanoke, Colorado, Colorado XT, and Colorado XTS.

In this Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review, we’re going to take you through a few options to show you why we think they’re some of the best solo pontoon boats on the market!

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