Camille Pilar is a surfer and writer in Lingayen, Philippines. She loves to explore new waves and surf trip adventures with her friends.
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BZ Bodyboards Review

A review of BZ Bodyboards company

Are you looking around for the perfect bodyboard for you? You might have come across BZ Bodyboards, as they are a household name in the industry of high performance and cutting edge bodyboard designs. Get to know BZ Bodyboards and their assorted line of high performance bodyboards in this review.


The History of BZ

The story of BZ Bodyboards couldn’t have happened without Tom Morey, who is hailed as the father of modern day Continue Reading


The Top 4 Underwater Cameras

Costco Underwater Camera

If you are off on vacation, the chances are that you will get close to water.

It can be a hotel pool or the sea water. There are also chances that you would want to capture every moment of the aquatic adventures. Most of the cameras won’t be ideal for caring for these areas.

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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Costco Ray Ban

Ray-Ban is a famous name when it comes to beach and surf sunglasses and an excellent accessory for those who want to protect their eyes from the sun while at the same time being fashionable as they spend their vacation on the beach.

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