Intex Seahawk 2 Review

​Looking to go fishing, rowing around the lake, or just relax in the water under the beautiful summer sun?

Well, you’re in luck, as the Intex Seahawk 2 can pretty much provide exactly that, and in our Intex Seahawk 2 review, we’re going to tell you why.


​Inflatable boats are incredibly convenient and very versatile. You can easily transport these inexpensive crafts just about anywhere you go.

The Intex Seahawk 2 was one of the first in line for Intex’s line of boats and we still see them all over the lake today.

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For now, let’s dig into what makes this boat such a perfect product for pure water adventures.

​​The Seahawk 2 Review

Intex seahawk 2


  • ​2-Person Design
  • ​440lb Capacity
  • ​20 Gauge Vinyl


  • ​Easy to store and transport
  • ​Lots of safety features onboard
  • ​Great for fishing
  • ​Perfect for solo trips because of size


  • ​Can be tight with two people
  • ​Oars are terrible quality

Features and Benefits

​ Capacity and Size

​When you fully inflate the Seahawk 2, the dimensions are 93” x 45” X 16”. The dimensions, as well as the 440lb weight limit, make it just about big enough for two people, though if you decide to bring along a cooler or a tackle box for fishing, it can get a little bit tight. We highly recommend this little boat for solo trips even, as the size makes it nice and easy to row. This also makes it an excellent craft for maneuvering through tighter quarters or obstacles.


​The level of durability on the Intex Seahawk 2 pretty much matches up with the durability of more high-end inflatable boats. The 20-gauge vinyl is incredibly tough and also resistant to things like UV rays, salt and grime, or chemicals that can be found in the water such as gas. While it is certainly not puncture proof, it is very puncture resistant and can take a good beating before you find any damage. Many people note they’ve crashed into small rocks and have come out without abrasions or holes in the boat.

Safety and Transportation

T​Transporting the Seahawk 2 is a dream considering the fact that it is so small compared to other inflatable boats. You can deflate it in a matter of minutes and pack it up in the trunk of your car while still leaving enough room for a cooler or any other gear you may have. There are two handles on the front and back end of the boat that make carrying it to and from the water a breeze. You can also use the grab line to carry it, and that grab line also doubles as a safety measure in case there are any spills overboard.

We love that Intex has included three separate air chambers on the Seahawk 2, as it makes it much safer to be out on the lake. Essentially, even if one chamber gets a puncture and begins to deflate, you’ll still have two filled with air to get you back to shore.


​The Intex Seahawk 2 is a great little fishing boat. It comes complete with two fishing rod holders on each side of the boat so that you can cast your lines hands-free. More lines = more fish!

This also saves a bit of room in the boat, as you don’t have to have your rods sitting in there with you. It also comes with two plastic oars, a gear pouch that is attached to the side, perfect for small items, and a manual hand pump.

​​Intex Seahawk 2 Modifications

Trolling Motor

Even though this boat is pretty easy to paddle considering the size, if you want to make your trip on the lake even more relaxing, we highly recommend modifying your Seahawk 2 with a trolling motor. You can very easily pair your Seahawk 2 with a 30lb motor all by yourself, as the motor mount kit that Intex provides is very self-explanatory, even for those who aren’t into the DIY sort of thing. You won’t be racing by any means, but it’s nice to be able to navigate through choppier situations without having to fully rely on arm strength. The motors are pretty quiet too, meaning you don’t have to worry about scaring away fish.

​Custom Flooring

​One of the cooler mods we’ve seen for the Seahawk 2 is installing a hard floor. The floor on this inflatable boat is pretty soft, meaning you can feel the waves beneath you and it can be a bit difficult to stand up and fish. One of the best ways to install a hard floor is to start by getting the measurements of the floor of the craft. Create a cardboard cutout of the bottom part of the boat, sand the edges, and glue/bolt hinge outdoor carpet on it.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How do I care for my Intex Seahawk 2?

Caring for your inflatable boat is pretty easy. While this boat is tough and durable thanks to the 20-gauge vinyl, it still needs a bit of love to help it last over the years. Make sure you follow a few rules to make sure that it stays in good condition:

1. Wash it off with fresh water (and a mild soap agent if you want) every time you get back from boating. This can ensure that you get rid of any salt, grime, debris, or other nasty debris that may have stuck on after your ride.
2. Store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight. The vinyl material resists UB rays, but it isn’t more powerful the sun. Too much sun exposure and your boat can begin to fade. When you store it, it can either be inflated or deflated, though make sure to keep it away from any sharp objects and out from under and heavy objects that may puncture it.

Where should I take my Seahawk 2?

The Intex Seahawk 2 is by no means an inflatable boat for river rafting. It just doesn’t have that kind of design and durability. That being said, it is an excellent boat for recreational days on the lake or fishing. You should definitely hit the lake before the ocean. The boat doesn’t have a keel or hard floor, meaning it’ll be much more difficult to paddle if there is serious chop on the day you go out. 

Is it easy to repair the Seahawk 2 if I get holes in it?

Luckily, Intex made it incredibly easy to repair your boat in the case that anything goes wrong with it. It comes with a patch that can repair holes or punctures that are up to 2” in diameter. There are videos online, as well as a thorough paper manual, that tells you the exact step-by-step method to repair it properly. If the wound is larger than 2”, Intex recommends that you send it to them or a professional repairman to deal with the damage. You don’t want to compromise your safety by any means.

​Final Verdict

The Intex Seahawk 2 is a great inexpensive inflatable boat for fishing and recreational days on the lake. It is best for those who like to go out in the water on solo trips. If you’re looking for a family boat, we highly recommend one of Intex’s larger models like the Excursion 5. That being said, it is very easy to handle and a great product for people who are just discovering the world of inflatable boats. We often see these boats out on calm waters and they are perfect for kids to learn in as well. We hope that our Intex Seahawk 2 review was helpful! Have fun boating this summer!