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When it comes to selling bodyboards and having a complete array of bodyboarding gear, nobody comes close to eBodyboarding.

What started as a small warehouse about the size of half of a garage is now the leading retailer of bodyboarding gear in the world.


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The small condo unit in San Clemente, California is now a 4,000-squarefoot warehouse that stores all of the best bodyboarding gear that money can buy.

eBodyboarding opened in 1999, and until today, it is owned and operated by Jay and Vicki Reale. This powerhouse couple is known all over the bodyboarding world because they are pioneers in the competitive bodyboarding scene.

Jay Reale

Jay Reale Bodyboarding

Jay at The Wedge

Jay Reale eBodyboarding

Jay is the first professional bodyboarder to have hailed from California, while Vicki is the first ever Australian Women's Pro Champion.

The awesome duo may have dropped the competitive tour but they remain to be the number one retailer for bodyboarding goods sold at competitive prices.

Owners Jay & Vicky Reale

Jay & Vicki Reale

Vicky Riding

Vicky Reale ebodyboarding


Bodyboards, drop knee boards, kid's boards, wake boards, skimboards, flow rider boards, softboards, and beater boards-- you name it, eBodyboarding's got it.

They carry a complete range of boards, from the smallest at 12" to the largest at 54".

Whatever it is you're looking for, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned bodyboarder, you will find the right board for you here.

Mike Stewart Science – Style Bodyboard

Save yourself the time and effort of having to canvas across different stores and locations because eBodyboarding is the most complete resource of all things bodyboarding.

eBodyboarding carries all the top brands in bodyboarding. Check out some of their in-store brands:

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Swim Fins

Nobody understands the importance of having a wide range of bodyboarding fins to choose from than two professional bodyboarders.

Jay and Vicki Reale have brought it on themselves to carry the most complete range of swim fins and bodyboarding fins because they know very well how the right pair can boost your game, and how the wrong pair can ruin your desire to ride.

Churchill Makapuu swim fins review

Take it from these two. Browse around eBodyboarding's spectrum of fin choices and you will definitely find the right pair in the right size too.

Here are the swim fin brands currently carried by eBodyboarding:

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Need a new wetsuit?

You are making the right decision. If you are stuck with rentals, you won't be able to progress as fast as you should because you're always going to feel awkward wearing something that hundreds of other people have worn before.

Another reason is that it is unhygienic. So if you are scoping the market for the perfect wetsuit for you, all you need to do is pay eBodyboarding a visit, whether in store or online.

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eBodyboarding carries the following types of wetsuits:

  • Men's Wetsuits
  • Women's Wetsuits
  • Spring Suits
  • Short-Sleeved Suits
  • Full Suits
  • Long-Sleeved Suits
  • Wetsuit Vests
  • Wetsuit Jackets
  • Wetsuit Bottoms
  • Wetsuit Leggings

eBodyboarding also carries the following:

  • Booties
  • Surf Hoods
  • Surf Hats
  • Surf Gloves
  • Changing Accessories
  • Wetsuit Repair Kits
  • Hangers and Dryers
  • Boardshorts
  • Rash vests
  • Bikinis
  • One-piece swimsuits
  • ​Ladies' boardshorts
  • ​Beach Towels
  • Car Accessories

Soft Surfboards

If you haven't noticed yet, take a long and hard look at your local beach scene and count how many guys and girls are riding soft surfboards. Thanks to Catch Surf's beater craze, everyone is jumping back onto foamies and realizing just how capable they are of serious fun.

eBodyboarding carries the most number of Catch Surf beater models, whether finless or with attachable fins. From soft-top longboards to the more drive-y short board foamies, eBodyboarding carries them all.

If you need fin attachment accessories and other softboard accessories like extra plugs and screws, eBodyboarding has them all for you.

Here are the soft surfboards you can find in store or online:

catch surf beater Original 48 board

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  • ​Water Angel
  • Congo Soft Top Boards

Bodyboarding Accessories

From bodyboarding essentials and equipment to beach apparel, eBodyboarding is once again complete.

This is your one-stop store for everything you need to fully enjoy the lifestyle of bodyboarding. Here are the types of accessories you can find in the eBodyboarding store:

The Essentials:

Other Equipment/Hardware:

  • Plugs
  • Skegs
  • Fins
  • Gath Helmets
  • GoPro and accessories
  • Camera mounts
  • Car accessories
  • And more

Apparel, etc.:


eBodyboarding is located in a 4,000-square foot warehouse in 1303 Calle Avanzado, San Clemente, California 92673.

Its massive stock list of all things bodyboarding-- from boards, accessories, swim fins, wetsuits, to replacement equipment-- cannot be beat.

There is just no other retailer that comes close to eBodyboarding when it comes to the number of choices plus the availability of stocks.

The eBodyboarding shop is open from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm from Mondays through Fridays.

Swing by the shop during these times and you can even chance upon Jay or Vicki, both of whom are always more than willing to share their expert advice on bodyboarding and proper gear.

If you don't live in San Clemente, you can still benefit from eBodyboarding's impressive array of bodyboarding gear by placing an order online. Customer service is great so you can be assured that your order will arrive in good condition.


Looking for a new bodyboard? Or just shopping around for the perfect pair of swim fins? Whatever you need, whether it's a major or minor accessory, you can find it in eBodyboarding.

The best part is eBodyboarding also ships worldwide! Check their website for the complete list of international shipping rates. Should you have other questions, you can leave a message on their Facebook page or start chat support on their homepage.