Softech Surfboards Review

Though you probably know a thing or two about Softech boards, especially if you’re a dedicated surfer, we hope that our Softech Surfboards review will give you everything you need to know to decide if you want to add one of these bad boys to your quiver.


The Softech boards are designed by Australian surf legend Tom Carroll, and are excellent pieces for both beginners and surf veterans.

If you’re looking for a solid soft board to have some fun with, Softech truly has the ultimate performance boards. With extremely durable materials and a range of shapes, styles, and sizes, you’ll be able to find a board that suits you’re surfing needs no matter what your skill level.

Keep reading to find out more about the line of Softech Surfboards that we believe is must-haves in any surfer’s collection!

The Product Line

Softech 6’6” TC Pro Signature

SoftTech 6'6" Review

The Softech 6’6” is the essence of a great soft-top surfboard. With performance durability, a sleek, professional design, and a solid price tag, you really can’t go wrong. Soft tops still retain the stigma that you can’t go out and rip with one. If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t have been possible for Jamie O’ Brien to paddle out at Jaws with one and surf 30 ft. plus waves.

With the 6’6” pro signature, you can even bust some airs if you do so please. When all said and done though, this board is truly best for beginners who are looking for a board that they can advance with.

The Softech 6’6” has a strong, yet extremely lightweight EPS core that is 100% waterproof. The single stringer is centered and runs the entire length of the board. With only one stringer, it is a little less rigid than those with multiple.

This board also comes equipped with a removable fin system, a unique soft-top characteristic that only Softech possesses. This is great for riders who want to screw in their favorite FCS fins to get the right feel for their board. In all, this board is an unmatched choice for entry-level surfers who want a board that feels good on the feet and rides with stability.

Softech 5’10” TC Pro Signature

SoftTech 5'10" TC Pro signature surfboard review

The Softech 5’10” TC Pro Signature is built very similarly to the 6’6” model with some minor changes.

It comes equipped with a quad fin set rather than a thruster set like the 6’6”.

This gives the board a bit more hold and stability while the fish tail design gives it a bit more speed.

In terms of comparing its ability to ride to the 6’6” model, the quad set is just a bit harder to turn on.

This board is made with the same EPS 100% waterproof core, but instead of a single stringer, it comes with two that give the board a bit more rigidity.

A quad-set of FCS fins come with the board, though they are completely removable if you choose to put in your own.

The board works great in all surf conditions and is perfect for beginner surfers who want a board that they can have a relationship with for years to come.

Softech 5'2" Mystery Box

SoftTech 5'2" Mystery Box Surfboard review

A bit shorter than the last models we talked about, the Softech Mystery Box comes in at 5’2”. Though we peg most of the Softech boards as being best for beginner riders, this board is more for the veteran riders who are looking to have a little bit of fun out in the waves.

It’s also not kooky looking for the surfers who don’t want a rip to their egos. This board works great for driving fast in small breaks and can get some insane speed and glide because of the quad fin set. This also works best if you have an extra set of fins to attach to it, as the fins that it comes with are a little wimpier than some might like.

Even with the quad set, the low pinched rail helps you to sink into the pocket of the wave to give the board a better turning radius. This is also because it is smaller than your typical surfboard. This performance series board is insanely durable for a soft-top with the 100% waterproof X-Density EPS foam core and single stringer, which also makes the board much more stable than you’d think. With the addition of the two track pads, this board has got all the bells and whistles for fun, summertime action.

Softech Rocket Launch 4’6” 

SoftTech 4'6" Rocket Launch Surfboard review

Perfect for veteran riders and little groms alike, the Softech Rocket Launch 4’6” model is the perfect board for a fun-filled day out in the water.

Softech took their famous foam technology and mixed it with a high performance design to create an incredibly maneuverable soft-top board. The thruster fin set-up is awesome.

It allows you to have a ton more control in sharper turns so you can carve tighter than ever. It is no wonder they named it the Rocket Launch, as it truly shoots you straight down the line with an insane amount of speed.

Don’t worry about snapping this little guy either, as it is built with the Softech standard, 100% waterproof X-Density EPS foam core, and has a single fiberglass rod stringer.

The additional area up front makes it much easier to paddle than most short boards as well. The Softech Rocket Launch 4’6” is an excellent board for a lightweight grom who is just getting in the water, though an experienced surfer will have an absolute blast with it too.

Softech Rocket Attack 4'8"

SoftTech 4'6" Rocket Launch Surfboard review

Not only does the Softech Rocket Attack do an immense job as a high-performance, soft-top surfboard, but the array of designs you can get with them are awesome.

Not many people have surfed a board like this before, but just know that it will give you the ability to paddle, pop-up, and shred, just as well as any of the Softech boards.

The volume of the board, as well as the area up front, makes it super easy to paddle out with, while the tapered back gives it the ability to maneuvering a breeze.

With 5x fiberglass rods for strings, this board really lives up to being labeled high-performance. Like the others, it is made with a 100% waterproof X-Density EPS foam core and a high-density polyurethane slick bottom.

The foam core makes the board very buoyant, while the slick bottom gives you a stiffer flex pattern for more drive and response. The only board on our list with a twin fin set up, the board rides very loosely.

Made for groms and experienced riders alike, the Softech Rocket Attack is perfect for any surfer looking for something a bit more special.

Softech Rocket Launch 4'2"

SoftTech 4'6" Rocket Launch Surfboard review

Did you believe that they could get any smaller? Last but not least, the smallest shredder on our list, the Softech Rocket Launch 4’2”.

This board is not to be underestimated though, though it is the most fun of all funboards.

The Softech Rocket Launch 4’2” is ideal for groms, though if you’re a big time surfer who is looking to get goofy in the water, it is very much possible to shred with.

The tapered outline in the back gives it an excellent maneuverability characteristic even though it is shorter than its brother. The thruster set up makes it super easy to twist and turn.

This board is not an ideal transitional board if you want to eventually move on to a standard hard-top, though if you want to have a good time, catch some speed down the line, and maybe get a couple of carves in, this is a great choice for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wax my Softech board?

Yes. Waxing your board will keep you from falling off when your board gets slippery. Make sure that you get proper wax for the season or local temperature. Start by drawing diagonal marks across the part of your board that needs to be waxed with the corner of your wax bar. When you have what looks like a chain-link fence on your board, take the flat end and draw in circles to fill in what’s between. Because the material on the Softech boards is pretty easy to grip, you probably won’t need to apply multiple coats. Just know that you don’t need to fill up the entire board either. Only wax where you will actually be standing.

What are the advantages of having a soft-top board vs a fiberglass or epoxy board?

Soft-top boards are excellent to travel with and won’t get dinged up as much as hard-top boards. You can trust that your board will come out safe and sound after a long plane ride or crazy road trip. For beginners, safety is of the utmost importance. A hard-top board to the head can mean serious injury, while a soft-top, with a foam deck and lighter rails, will minimize the chance of a noggin disaster. Hitting someone else’s board can be horrible too, especially if you’re new to surfing and are trying not to upset the loco locals. Knocking into someone else, or even worse, someone else’s prized board, is much more forgivable with foam. The are also much cheaper than hard-top boards, meaning that if aren’t sure you want to commit to surfing for the long run, or you want a board to thrash on without worry, a soft-top board won’t come with as much buyer’s remorse. Lastly, you don’t need to sacrifice performance like you used to. Soft-top boards have come a long way in the past couple of years. They are now great boards to learn on and can be tons of fun for big-time surfers.

Wow, those are some great advantages. Are there any disadvantages to a soft-top surfboard?

Glad you asked! Yes, but there are not very many. Traditionally, soft-top boards are a bit heavier, though they are starting to even out the playing field slowly. The decks aren’t as slick either, and can cause some pretty nasty rashes for summer surfers who roll out in just trunks. We highly recommend wearing a wetsuit or t-shirt while surfing these. Though these are safe boards, it is still necessary to follow surfing etiquette when you get out there. Many people believe that, because the chances of injury are less, they can go nuts without regard for others around them. Don’t let that soft-top mentality get to you and always stay safe!

Is it easier to learn on a soft-top board?

Many believe this is the case. Learning to ride a surfboard means learning to paddle, staying balanced, finding the perfect wave, popping up, and riding it home. If you have a board with a higher volume like a soft-top, it allows an entry-level surfer to focus less on the crazy board, and more on the key factors. Softech boards are great for learning, though you might not want to buy one much smaller than you, as it gets more difficult to balance the smaller the board. A soft-top board can provide quicker skill growth, better stamina for paddling, and confidence in catching waves fast. With a simpler, soft-top board, the progression in the water is much faster.

Is it difficult to transition to a fiberglass board once I’ve gotten used to my soft-top?

Though there are tons of variances in fiberglass boards, and each design can come with its own pros and cons, there are some main transitional difficulties that you’ll probably notice right off the bat. Fiberglass boards are far less stable than soft-top board. You’ll probably begin to fall a lot more as you need to judge waves differently. You’ll also find that they are far less buoyant, meaning paddling and maneuvering will be more difficult than usual. It really comes down to learning to sit in the waves. If you become a master soft-top surfer, you shouldn’t have much trouble switching over


Picking one of these boards comes down to what specs you are looking for. They are all excellent beginner boards that offer different features for specific feels. With various fin sets, tail shapes, board sizes, etc., choosing comes down to pure preference. They are all very capable, high-performance boards that you can’t go wrong with. Now get off your computer and get out in the water!

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