Taghazout Surf Report

If you're a mad surfer, then you probably already know about this surfers' paradise, but lets assume that you would like to know a bit more. Taghazout is a tiny fishing village near the city of Agadir along the west coast of Morocco.

Despite being a bit off-the-beaten-track for most tourists visiting Morocco, thanks to its geo-location facing North Atlantic waves, Taghazout is a well known Surf and Yoga holiday destination attracting many surfers as well millennials from around the world.

Whatever the season, the sun shines bright most of the year, which works perfectly for those that wish to sunbathe, and above all, the long seafront offers travelers magnificent views of the ocean along with a variety of activities and water sports for a perfect beach escape in Morocco.

Taghazout city image

Taghazout and nearby villages offer a tonne of different surf spots with Beach Breaks, Point Breaks, Point Reef Breaks, etc. If you're a beginner, you will most likely be surfing Beach breaks for most of the time, however, as an Intermediate or Advanced Surfer, you will get plenty of spots offering some of the best Point and Reef breaks available along the Moroccan coast. If you're looking for a professional and experienced surf guide or coach to help you catch the best waves of the day, you can always consider a low budget Taghazout Surf Hostel to organize all your surf holiday needs.

Taghazout surfing image

Typically, Point and Beach Breaks in Taghazout work best during (European) Winter months, after the North Atlantic Sea swells and storms.

The high surf season spans between October and April, with swell at its best during December-January-February, when some surf spots are working waves of 3 to 4 meters in size.

Most intermediate and advanced surfers visit this part of Morocco mainly during high season.

During Summer months, the days are hot, the nights are balmy, and the waves are not so big, so newbies can benefit from easier, more gentle waves. Taghazout is more peaceful during summer months, which at times works well for Beginners and Improvers looking to learn and practice their basics in preparation for bigger waves.

To summarize, if you're looking to make your first surf holiday, Taghazout is an ideal spot during both, winter and summer months, and if you're looking to progress fast to your next surf level, then perhaps its better to visit between October and April.

Any other great locations?

In Morocco there are tons of other spots! Like Safi, a drive north from Taghazout. A similar setup with long right handers with barreling rides that stretch for meters, just like the image below!