Best Surfboards at Costco

Whether you want a shortboard or a longboard, lightweight or substantial, versatile or the one that concentrates on speed, you will always get the right surfboard that you want at Costco.


Whether you are buying a surfboard for the first time or 5th time, purchase a surfboard may turn out to be confusing. Depending on the shape, rockers, fin patterns, concaves, and tails, selecting the right features is crucial.

A beginner would need a soft top longboard. Here are some quality surfboards available at Costco that you should get.



The wave storm surfboard is among the top selling surfboards in the United States since it’s a good quality board. It’s lightweight and straightforward to use.

It's volume is enough to catch waves and paddle quickly.

Wavestorm boards are designed after very extensive research of performance, material and unparalleled manufacturing expertise.

It’s made from sturdy expanded polystyrene (EPS) core and three marine ply stringers.

This board is perfect for beginners as it was designed to improve performance and durable enough for a beginner to learn.

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  • Made of durable EPS
  • Comes with board sock cover made of a soft cloth
  • Textured traction pad
  • Comes with three marine ply stringers
  • Comes with three removable bolt-thru fins

Costco Soft Top Surfboards

Giantex 6' Surfboard

Giantex surfboard

If you want a shortboard, then the Giantex 6” surfboard is perfect for sharper maneuvers, duck diving, and fast trimming down.

If you have never paddled with a short board, this board will offer more volume so that you can be more buoyant.

High buoyancy will assist the beginners to paddle better until confidence grows such that improve on strokes and timing.

This surfboard features a durable top foam. It also has a slick high-speed bottom.

The Giantex surfboard is perfect for both children and adults. It offers you incredible surfing experience. It has a fashionable appearance and is of high quality.

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  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Dimensions are 72”x20.5”x2.”
  • Has a bottom concave for speed
  • The material is high-quality polyethylene
  • Comes with white and blue custom print

Catch Surf Beater Board

Beater Board Review

The catch surf beater board is among the most versatile surfboards since its design for fun, stability, and speed.

The beater board is an original multipurpose that may be ridden during pumping waves or fat waves such as like during small summer days.

Combining smooth, clean conditions and the love for beaches during summer, Catch Surf has designed amazing boards that you can surf the way you want.

Catch Surf is about experimenting, style and progressive surfing. Get one of these and experience an amazing surfing experience.

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  • Optional setup without fins
  • Hi-performance tri-fin or twin fin setup
  • Tapered D-rails
  • Dual composite core
  • Twin crescent tail
  • Old school PE deck
  • Twin Maple stringers
  • Impact resistant HDPE skin

5’3” Casper Pro Series Foam Surfboard

5’3” Casper Pro Series Foam Surfboard

For those who want a high-quality surfboard but have small budgets, the then chances are that they will choose a foam surfboard.

This board is a 2016 model. The Casper foam surfboard is designed mainly for kids since it doesn’t have a 150-pound weight limit for beginners and 200 pound limit for experienced riders.

Fins and leash are available when you buy this surfboard, and therefore you won’t lose your surfboard if water sweeps you. Its quad fin design ensures that you are stable always.

It is made from fiberglass and EPS foam. This board is lightweight and can easily be transported from one place to another.

  • Dimensions are 5’3”x22”x2 7/8.”
  • Weigh 7 lbs.
  • Highly durable
  • Epoxy resin and molded fiberglass construction
  • 1.5-inch neoprene cuff

Costco Longboard Surfboards

8’8” Heritage Surfboard Beginner Package

8’8” Heritage Surfboard Beginner Package

This surfboard package includes pivot traction pad, 8’8” past surfboard, 9’ board bag, thruster fin bundle and gold coast paint pens.

The dimensions are 104”x23”x3”.

Weight is 17 kilos. Perfect for beginners of the weight of up to 220 kilos and experts for weights of up to 250 kilos.

It has detachable tri-fin thruster fin and rounded edges to offer protection.

This board is person pleasant cushy and very sturdy foam board.

It has a molded fiberglass epoxy.

This epoxy layer is on rails, deck, and backside.

It has a closed cellular telephone which is watertight.

California Board Company 8ft Surfboard

California Board Company 8ft Surfboard

The California board surfboard is among the best and well-priced surfboards.

Every soft surfboard has cool graphics to offer the best product for a valued price.

This surfboard is perfect for adults and teenagers who want a well-made, stable and durable board to learn.

Unlike ordinary soft surfboards, the California board surfboard comes with a well-designed shape.

This shape ensures that the rider doesn’t have to buy a new surfboard after learning the basics.

This board has HDPS bottom and high-density durable XPE/IXPE deck. This Californian Company board have a slick bottom, hard EPS core, and a soft deck.

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  • Waterproof core
  • High-Density EPS
  • Tri-fin system
  • Molded in laminated stringers
  • Polyethylene slick bottom


How do I care for my surfboard so that it may last for long?

Remember to rinse the board with fresh water every time you are done surfing since salt water will make a surfboard brittle especially when left under the sun. Your Surfboards should be stored in dry and cool places.

Apart from a surfboard, what else do I need before beginning to surf?

After getting a surfboard and wax, you can start practicing. However, you need other surfing and beach times such as wetsuit, towel, high SPF sunscreen, etc.

Which surfboard should be the best choice for a beginner?

Longboards are the perfect choice for beginners. You should know that the materials of the surfboard matters.

How long does a beginner learn to surf?

If you don’t give up after some several first attempts, you will notice some progress within 1-3 months

What places are best for surfing that a beginner should go?

A beginner should check for beach breaks. They are friendlier to beginners. Reef breaks are difficult for beginners.


Many factors are considered when selecting a Costco surfboard. Some of these factors include experience level, weight, type of waves sports experience and fitness level and length of surfing. A beginner would go for a longboard because they are stable, wide and wave catching boards. As experience increases, smaller boards are considered.

Your weight would determine the type of board that you will get. A person under 200 pounds would go for smaller boards. Anyone above 200 pounds would choose longboards.

The type of wave should also be considered. For a slower mushier wave, go for longboards. For a steeper hollower wave, then smaller surfboards are the best option since these boards fit the steep wave face geometry better.

To become an expert, it takes a lot of commitment. You should consider your commitment before purchasing a surfboard. If it’s something you do once in a while, then you need a longboard

Since different people would require different surfboards depending on experience level and their weight alongside other factors, these top surfboards discussed above are perfect to choose from and are available for purchase at Costco.