Camille Pilar is a surfer and writer in Lingayen, Philippines. She loves to explore new waves and surf trip adventures with her friends.
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8 Best Wakesurf Board Reviews

Best Wakesurf Board

Wakesurfing is different from many watersports as it allows you to continue moving thanks to the wake of the boat.

While it might not be as well as known as surfing or stand up paddleboarding, it is certainly a great sport for those who want to try their hands at a bit of adventure!

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The Top 5 Snorkel Sets

Costco Snorkel Set

A snorkel allows you to breathe comfortably while under water. So any snorkel set will do, right? No.

Shopping for the best snorkel set might seem straightforward, but it may turn out to be a tedious work. If you want a good snorkel set that won’t let water at the moment you are submerged, it needs some homework.

For those lovers of the internet and infinite options, we recommend checking out our snorkel gear homepage to get some reviews on the top products!

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Our Favorite Beach Towels From Costco

Beach Towels from Costco

A good beach towel is the most underappreciated item. It would be miserable to go to the beach without one.

Sand would get everywhere, and when you wash it off with water, you will stand for about 20 minutes for drip drying before sitting anywhere. You won’t find anywhere to set the bag, sand will cover your water bottle, and you won’t find a place to lie down.

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Wavestorm Paddle Board Review

Wavestorm Paddle Boards

When they’re not churning out the best soft-top surfboards for surf schools and beginners, Wavestorm is making stand up paddle boards or SUP's.

Introducing the Wavestorm Paddle Board model!

Wavestorm has perfected the craft of making high quality paddle boards that are perfect for both surf and flat water paddling. Whether you’re going paddling on the beach, river or lake, you’ll find maximum enjoyment and performance from riding a Wavestorm SUP.

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